Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturdays Are My Favorite!

I used to like Saturdays because we are all home and had nothing to do (like appts, errands, etc). But, now that Andrew is bigger, Jason plays with him a lot more and I have more freedom. Last Saturday, I did almost all of the Christmas shopping, got my hair trimmed, had lunch with a friend, and listened to my music as loud as I wanted!

But today! Jason and Andrew went out and had a boy's day while I actually got the cleaning done (closets and junk that you never want to do...). Anyway, I signed Andrew up for the Duplo Workshop at Pottery Barn Kids. I had to talk Jason into it and assure him that he would not be the only Dad there... It was hard work! But, they went this morning. I tried to get him to take a picture...I told him that his mom would be very upset if she didn't get to see... But, no picture. Sorry, guys! I even told him that I would call the store to make sure it was done... But, still no picture. It's ok. I even tried to get him to write about it on here. Yeah, right... LOL!

They had a lot of fun though, from what I hear. They built some stuff with Duplos, like buildings and cars. He said that Andrew made it almost to the end. It was time for lunch for Mr. Man. So, they headed back to get his Daddy's tires rotated.

Me, on the other hand...I'm cleaning closets, doing loads of laundry (sheets and blankets that should have been taken care of...ugh), cleaning the bathrooms, listening to the best Christmas music ever, and talking to my MIL on the phone about our trip plans. I had to make a trip over to the Thrift Store to donate some things and on my way back...guess who I see?

Some familiar looking guy pushing a baby in a bright red umbrella stroller heading to McDonald's.

Hmm...Jason just said they are going there. LOL.

Yes, I jumped in on their boy's day. But I left them after a quick bite to eat to finish up before they got home. :)

Good times. I love Saturdays. This may be a new thing for us. They get Saturdays together. I get some freedom!


  1. Visiting from SITS - Saturdays are the BEST! Too bad we can't have more than one per week!

    Also, I like Richard Scary books too. I still have one I gave to my daughter...she doesn't appreciate it though, LOL.

  2. Oh, that would be wonderful! Maybe just an extra exciting!


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