Monday, November 29, 2010


I think we are settled back into the swing of things! Jason is playing his computer game, Andy is sleeping soundly, and I am running every machine possible in this house!

We had a great time in Georgia this past weekend. Lots of food, lots of games, and lots of fun! Since we have one set of grandparents her and the other there, we celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas while visiting one or the other. It definitely helps cut down on the traveling!

So, I didn't get to take as many pictures as I thought I was going to - I only got these 3. Seriously. But, luckily we have Dave! Maybe I can get some of those picture from him - I swear he took like 400 pictures. I may not even be exaggerating. He just knows a photo op when he sees it. But they are all candid, of course - which is awesome! No fussing with getting everyone to have their best smiles. That's hard to do with a little kid who likes to go go go!

This is one of the games that we played twice, like every day we were there - Settlers of Catan. I won't lie. I hated this game at first. I had no clue what it was last year...not a clue how to play it. Nothing. I'm not good at strategy games either. So, this game was way way way down on the the bottom of my list. But, now... I don;t know...I just can't seem to get enough of it! And, Justin even showed me a trick of the trading part of it all. Mark and Jason totally called us out on cheating though (jokingly...but It's a good game. I'm not really good at explanations so just go here to check it out, if you want.

This is my little man in his version of Daddy's chair. You've probably seen that big blue monster of a chair in some of our living room pictures...ugh. It's growing on me... But I can't wait for the funeral. Sorry, Big Blue. Luckily, the sofa set I chose, had a very tiny hint of blue in the threads. I suppose that is the only reason why it works there right now. Anyhoo! Off topic. This is the BEST little chair in the world! And, yes - POTTERY BARN KIDS!!! WHOO HOO!! I've been waiting for the day to get this chair for Andy. And, Nana saved the day! He really likes it! We watch Toy Story 2 after dinner tonight and he sat in it most of the movie. Such a little man :) Oh! And it is totally personalized - it say "Andrew" of course but with a cute little football embroidered over his name. Awesome. Thanks, Nana & Grandpa!

Speaking of Grandpa - here he is watching a football game with Andy. This might have been the Alabama/Auburn game... I just remember one of the days we were there, Mark and Jason were saying "Roll Tide" all darn day. Really, guys? I don't even think Mark cared too much about that game. And, Jason was just doing that to make me crazy... He claim he really is a Bama fan, but I'm still not sure of that. The world may never know!

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as fun as ours! Everyone done eating until Christmas? Good times, good times! :)

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