Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost Done!

I set myself a goal for November - to get all Christmas shopping done before the end of the month. And, I'm going to make it!! We just have 1 more person to shop for and 1 more gift to add to another person. YAY ME!! Ok, fine - yay Jason, too. But, he just said, "yeah, good idea" or "how about this" or "ok whatever." So, I don't know if he counts at the moment. Maybe just a tiny bit.

Anyway, since it is now down to a few more things to get... It is time to work on the stockings!! For the longest time, we just had them hanging up and we never did anything with them. But, since Andrew gets to open up his own stuff, we are so doing the stockings.

Since, my hubby reads this from time-to-time, it would be my luck that this is the one post he reads this month. Not telling anything about his gifts! Sorry, honey!

But for those of you with toddlers or younger, and you are in need of ideas... Here are some things that I am working on. No, I'm not doing everything! These are just some ideas, people - LOL!

  • Those extra sets of Fisher Price Little People/Weebles/Etc that go with the playsets already owned. They fit perfect in a stocking!
  • Mini containers of play-doh
  • Slippers
  • Stickers
  • Crayons & coloring books
  • New movie (holiday or not) to watch together after the gift extravaganza has settled
  • Bubbles
  • Holiday candies (my Mr. Man loves to eat M&Ms!)
  • Beanie Babies or those Sing-a-Ma-Jigs (apparently these are the cool new thing - I dunno. A friend of mine showed me them while doing some Christmas shopping. But, they would definitely fit!)
  • Mini Duplo Set
  • Expandable washcloths - they are super tiny and then poof! they get to normal size during bathtime. 

Some great tips - read blogs for freebies! Go to the $1 section at Target! Go to the $1 Store! Save your prizes from Happy Meals! Get these items on clearance if you can or use any coupons available.

Tis the season for sharing - so share your stocking stuffer ideas with The House! If you found any great deals, we wanna know about that, too! Happy Christmas Shopping!

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