Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Cards

OK, people. It is November. You know what that means - CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Get your shopping plans together! Grab those coupons! Order your Christmas cards!


You didn't pick one out yet? Well, how about some amazing cards from Shutterfly? They have some fantastic designs this year. Modern, traditional, colorful, black & white. You name it - they have it.

If you have not had the chance to use Shutterfly, now is the time. Just get a great picture, upload it, chose a fabulous design...VOILE! Awesome Christmas card for all of your friends and family.

How fantastic is the Mod Snowflake Card?!
Colorful snowflakes with a modern twist. Love it!

If you are would like a more traditional one, how about the Berry Cascade Holiday Card? The reds, the greens, the script. Gorgeous!

Find your holiday card here! You can choose from folded greeting, flat stationery, or flat photo cards.

For those families that are spread all over and are found far and wide, a Holiday Story Card would be a wonderful surprise in the mail.

A "Through the Seasons" card would be perfect for our family and a great card to send out for the New Year. Highlight all the great memories that your family made during the year and add a great picture!

For my friends that became mommies this year, show off that sweet little face with some Birth Announcements. There is a wonderful selection of holiday birth announcements, too. Like this one:

Shimmer Sparkle Shine OK, technically, this is a Holiday Card, but can easily be changed up just a tad to make a wonderful birth announcement. Who can say "no thanks" to that little angel in the picture?

If you are expecting, like me... And are dying to know what you are having... And are trying to find a fun way to let everyone know what you are having... Maybe a special holiday birth announcement is just what you might be looking for. Just add in a picture of the ultrasound, the parents, the brother/sister/pet... You get the idea :)

Maybe we are having a boy?

Maybe we are having a girl?

There are so many ways to wish someone a happy holiday and Shutterfly does a great job of helping us share pictures with friends and family. We are definitely going to share our year of memories with a holiday story card! It is going to be so much fun to go back through the pictures and tell the stories across the country. Or, maybe we will share if Andrew will have a brother or a sister? Not sure just yet :)

Happy Holiday Card Hunting!!

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