Monday, November 1, 2010

Giving Thanks

I love this month! Great food! Family! Friends! Great food! I said that already, but so? It is true :)

We are definitely ready for this month's festivities. Halloween decorations are all taken down and put away. Thanksgiving decorations are up. This year, is our first year doing Thanksgiving-ish decorations. I had a bit of a hard time with it, too. But, luckily, we have Dora the Explorer. Yep. Dora.

Those of you that watch Nick Jr. with your kids always hear about Moose talking about monthly lesson plans and activities. We've been doing a few here and there, but this month looks like a lot of fun for all and can actually get the whole family, even friends, involved.

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This week is all about giving thanks. For older kids, they have thank you cards. For the whole family, there is a charity bank. Yes, Andrew is too small to really understand most of this, but we are going to teach him "thank you." He's been "talking" to us is his own little language and he says about 6 or so words (mama, dada, mmhmm, yes, ok, and go). But, with these activities there are different skills that the kids learn.

Now, where does Dora fit into Mommy's Thanksgiving decorations? This week, Dora has a Thanksgiving Thankful Tree. You print out the stuff she gives you and you make your tree. On each leaf, your child writes down what they are thankful for. How awesome is that?! So, I made a tree and now we just need to add the leaves. That's where family and friends fit in to the decor. Write what you are thankful for and add it to our tree. I think that this is our new tradition. HA! I think that this is our first tradition, too, as a family.

No, it isn't a tree tree, but it works for the season :) Just wait and see what happens to the tree at once it starts "growing" its leaves.

Happy November!!

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