Monday, November 1, 2010

Andrew's New Friend

SOMEONE has decided that they like my baby from when I was little. Yes, I did have him sitting in the rocking chair in Andrew's room... But, I didn't think Andrew would care for him since he is not an elephant. Well, I was very wrong. I'm not too sure what I think about it either. I love that Andrew loves Lambykins. I really do. But, he is mine. LOL. I tried to give him up at one point to my youngest brother, but I about died that day. That was a serious crime to do that to my Lambykins. But, now, it is my favorite little boy (unless I'm having a boy then I will have 2 favorite boys) that loves my favorite thing from when I was his age. I'm trying very hard to be ok with someone else loving him. I know. This is crazy talk, isn't it? The thing with Lambykins, though, is that he is the ONLY thing that I have from my Grand-daddy. He is older than me and, honestly, I am surprised that he hasn't fallen apart. I think I can let him go, though - especially when I see this picture:

This picture makes me smile sooooo big. He really loves Tusker the most, but to see him give Lambykins a kiss is just the best!

Side note on Lambykins: Yes, his feet are Christmas colors. He did at one point have a scarf and hat to match those fancy feet. But, I wanted to wear them. Don't worry. I did let him wear a sweater that Mom made for me (and she does have that sweater still).

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  1. ...there comes a day...Lambykins is moving forward! lol! I bet 'Lambykins' is happy to have a playmate again! awww.... I remember the day you got Lambykins, shopping with your Grand Daddy and Bea Bea at Hamburgers, a very upscale men's store in Baltimore... seems like yesterday... love you -- Grandma, a.k.a.!


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