Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Fourth's Festivities!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! :D

We had a super fun weekend!! First we celebrated Sunday afternoon by making some impromptu cookies. It started storming like crazy - just thunder and lightening. I don't really think a drop of rain came... the clouds were celebrating, I suppose :) So, Andrew and I, of course, had to make cookies. What better thing to do during a storm? Napping, yes. But, he just woke up so that was a big "no-deal". LOL.

 My cookie tis of thee :)

Looking quite festive in his patriot polo :)

Such a serious little cookie guy....

 But it is only because he needs another one :)

Then for the actual 4th, I had to rush in the AM cuz I forgot to ice my cake for our Church's festival. I made a yummy devil's food cake with triple chocolate chunk icing for the cake booth. YUM!

Don't you just want to eat that right now?!

But, while I was icing a delicious cake that I could not eat, my hubby and Andrew were eating a very festive breakfast of red and blue pancakes!

I dont know why I can't fix the colors right...but the blue pancake is really a turquoise not some weird green color. That annoys me. Stinkin' camera...I must have had the wrong setting or something. 

Once breakfast was done, the cake was iced and the boys dressed, it was time to head out to the Festival. It was so much fun!! We signed up to volunteer for the putt-putt booth. Jason ended up walking around with the kids in the "bus" (our mega sit-n-stand stroller has been nicknamed the bus), and I worked the booth for our shift. It wasn't busy to begin with. The festival started at 10 and I stayed there til 1130. It was a lot of fun! The tiny kids, including Andrew, were so cute trying to hit the ball into the hole. Our friends, John and Rachel came out with their kids, too!! Jason was such a big help with the boys. He had changed both diapers, fed Alex, got Andrew a snow cone, and took him around to play a few games at some other booths. Andrew even got the 1st prize duck at the duck pond booth. He won an airplane :) I saved it after his nap to put in his room somewhere.  It was such a great time, but it got pretty hot by the time we were ready to eat. And, we all decided to go somewhere with air condition Rachel and her family met us at Chili's for a mid-celebration LOL :) Then, thankfully, it was naptime - whew!

Only for the boys though. It was time to get the house put back together and the burgers made for our cookout later. And, somehow, I forgot a dessert...so I somehow just came up with one. It was delicious and I am thinking I may enter it in the Better Homes & Gardens contest. I dunno... Anyhoo! Kendra, Rachel and her family, and our family had some goooood food and some good times! I wish I had taken more pics, but ya know. Being a semi-hostess, a mama, and obsessive picture taker is hard work. So here's what I did get:

Rachel says John's the Baby Whisperer :)

Best buddies!

 Enjoying a story with one of his favorite people, "Gace" aka Grace :)

I'm totally the coolest mom. Who else has an after dinner basketball game in their living room?

Ah, good times :) I wish I had taken more pics, but then this would be an epic-long post... So, enjoy your July! :D

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