Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun

My sweet boys in the morning before school :) Can you tell who is the morning bird and who is the night owl?
Alex and I dropped off Andrew to run a few errands before heading back to the school for a Valentine's party. His little class is so CUTE!! 

Enjoying his juice :)

Why is he such a big boy already???

Alex "talking" to one of Andrew's friends. 

He was telling me about his Cheese Puffs and that I need to "camera down." Men... lol

Time for Valentines to be handed out - Look, Alex got one! A little girl said that she likes my baby and he can have a Valentine. LOL Love little kids.

I wish I had gotten his FACE! The boys were so NOT happy to get Princess Valentine's. It was so funny! I told Andrew that he gave out ones with cars on them and the girls were ok. Little did I know that he would respond, "Mama. Cars cool." Wow. He has grown up, huh? 

When we got home, Andrew and Alex played "mail" with the Valentine loot. 

After a while and nap time had passed it was time to get ready for dinner. Jason and I are celebrating our Valentine's with a weekend out of town very soon, but I still had a yummy dinner and cupcakes for everyone.
YUM!! Tilapia Asparagus Bundles! Very good :) I will share the recipe in just a bit. 

 Vanilla Red Cupcakes!

And, of course, you can't forget the bubbly!! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!


  1. cute valentine boys. and the tilapia asparagus bundles look AMAZING!! post the recipe!!!

    1. Thanks! And yes - I did post the recipe! I had many emails about it!


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