Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Shared Bedroom Adventures

It's been a while since the last update on our boys' room.

The last thing I posted about was how everyone was sleeping so well and blah blah blah. HA! Yeah, after talks with a few of my mommy friends from church, we got a solution.

Problem (just before Alex turned 1, is when this started): Andrew was messing with Alex NON-STOP during nap time. Not so much at bedtime. Just during naps. No one was getting sleep and nothing was getting done because of having to go in there every 5 minutes. Andrew was in Alex crib and so was all his stuff from his bed. Oh my gosh! SO ANNOYING. Cute, but annoying. Poor Alex, right?

Solution: Separated during naps. HA! No more messing around! Alex is in the pack-n-play in either our bedroom or the office while Andrew is in his room. It has worked out wonderfully. Again, I thank those mamas for the wonderful words of wisdom!

Only, now we had a new issue...

Problem: Andrew was told that he could get up and play quietly with his toys in the mornings - no one can come out until 7am though. Mama needs her coffee and quiet time... So, everything was fine until about a month or so ago. Alex was getting rather annoyed that he was no able to get up and go play.If I went in there at all, then clearly it was time for everyone to get up. Nah-uh.

Solution: Alex graduated to the toddler bed!!! Yep, he's 16 months - that's when Andrew changed over. I know, right?! Time flies!! Oh, and Andrew graduated to the day bed!

 Alex's bed is on the top; Andrew's is on the bottom. 

 Trying out his almost-new bed and loving it :) Technically, at that was still Andrew's. Silly boy. He knew he was going to be his shortly.

 Getting into Daddy's toolbox. 

 Oh, my goodness...we are going to let another one loose?! HA! No, he isn't really saying anything. He was just rubbing his head and asking me for a screwdriver and this is the pic my phone got. LOL

 Reading a bit before bed; Snuggling with Roary the Lion :)

So, this was done on Sunday after we got home from a birthday party. We are now coming up on the 4th night of the big boys beds. The votes are in....

THEY LOVE IT! They both play together so nice in the mornings. AND!!! It is quiet. Not the scary quiet where you know something has been destroyed and/or torn to hell. But, the wonderful quiet with bits and pieces of laughter from two sweet little boys.

It is so nice!! Alex has fallen out a couple of times. But, you wouldn't know unless you went it their room to check on them... Alex fell out (maybe? probably...) and was sleeping on the floor instead of complaining about. Andrew (still) would get so completely annoyed that his sleep was interrupted by gravity. 

It's been a great week so far. Our boys are growing up so fast. Gotta keep taking those pictures and documenting everything.

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