Friday, January 25, 2013

Andy's New Room

I posted about our home goals a few weeks back, and it's time for an update! This month we have been working on Andy's room. Remember, they are separated now. That chaos had to end. Haha! It has been great. People are actually sleeping in the morning! It is so nice!! And, now that they each have their own room, we have been working on Andy's train themed room. So far, the painting is the only thing that is done. But, wow! What a difference that made!

 We used "Poolside" by Sherwin-William Duration in a semi-gloss. The yellow one is the accent color I plan on using on the frames and some other items in the room.

 Getting the color up. I love it!! Andrew was so happy!

 Looking in from the hall. I love this room...

So here is the section of goals for Andy's room:

Andrew's Room (hello WHITE SALE! it makes the most sense to start here):
1.   Patch holes in walls and sand
2.   Paint (picked out - just gotta pick up)
3.   Get bed frame and full mattress set to change toddler bed to - gasp! the final stage
4.   Dry clean down comforter and get the rest of the bedding (it's picked out - just have to order)

5.   Dressers- they aren't working out so they are trading with each other...silly boys
6.   Switch out knobs on dresser for these (found them at Hobby Lobby)
7.   Spray paint frames
8.   Put up pictures and other train trinkets
9.   Get printouts of those awesome train pics I took a few month ago
10. Make these super cute toy storage bags (looks like mail bags on a train, I think)
11. Get fan installed (another one that we have picked out but need to be purchased)
12. Celebrate with a train ride! Seriously :)

Not a big difference on the list. The items in bold red are things that we are going to wait on for a bit. I wanted to go ahead and do it. Jason says no. He doesn't want his little guy growing up too quickly. It's cute. But, I'm not sure how much longer Andy is going to be able to sleep in the toddler bed... 

 The new wall against his current bedding - perfect!

I am having issues printing out the train pictures. Instagram makes it kind of difficult to print things out bigger than a 5x5 (I want 12x12s). Not cool. But, I have the originals so I will just use those and re-crop/edit to the resolution I want. So, that is a work in progress right now. I did pick up a few things at the antique store, though.

 How fun! I love that the old license plates
Both boys love Andy's new blue room :)

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