Friday, January 18, 2013

Over the River and Through the Woods Grandma's house we go!

 Morning stretch before getting in the car 
 Gotta wear shades ;)

 My brother, James, got the boys a Space Shuttle! They went on a great adventure across many galaxies and landed on a few different planets that they found themselves. 

 Grandma and Granddaddy got them a super cool farm set. This is now a part of the "train town" that they build everyday on the Island of Mommy's Living Room. We'll come up with a better name someday... Good times! They love it! Thanks, Grandma and Granddaddy (and those "cool big kids" aka the other 4 brothers that Andy and Alex played with a lot). 

Weird story. The power went out on just my parents street that night. Craaazzy. Luckily, we had the chiminea from our time in New Mexico, so we camped out in the backyard (until we were frozen lol) after the little ones went to bed. 

But we did snap a pic of all of us before that happened! 
Left to right:
James, Vicki (James' girlfriend), Sean, Brendan, Alex, me, Jason with Andy, William, my mom, Christopher, and my Dad. 
Yes, this is ALWAYS a full house!! 
(ps - thanks mom for letting me take this picture from your facebook...and a few others!)

 The boys LOVED my mom's Nativity scene! It was my grandmothers :)

 Playing with some cows while chatting with mom - where's Andy?

Oh, that's right... Off being a big boy with BIG BOY LEGOS! What?! William, my youngest brother, builds all sorts of scenes and make stop-motion movies with all of it. They are pretty good, too! I'll have to share one one of these days. Anyway, he and Sean let Andy come up and play Legos and he LOVED IT!

Gotta share a pic of the littlest one in the house! This is Bijoux :)

Alex watching The Polar Express with Grandma - so cute! 

 And, yes! GAMES. GAMES. GAMES! We played Settlers of Catan about 3 times, maybe 4... 

And we played Risk. Only, We all teamed up again Jason...and STILL lost! Ok, actually, we didn't finish the game. I went to bed around 1am-ish. And then I heard the next morning that Dad came in and kicked everyone out (we were really loud LOL) around 2am-ish. HA! Good times! Anyway, we were going to finish the next day, but the board looked pointless since Jason was dominating everyone. Man, he's good. Or we just don't know how to play. Maybe it's like the time I attempted to play Halo with Christopher, James, and Brendan. Um, they just handed me the controller then murdered my guy. A few pointers would have been nice LOL

Andy AKA Pumpkin Pie King.

 Mom got this picture of all of us playing. I think this was her fav picture. All of her kids playing a game again. :)

 Andy playing the piano with Grandma - and Alex giving it a try, too. 

 Mom and I went to the antique shop on Saturday. William went with us! We had lunch at a super cute coffee shop and I got to finally get a picture with Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory!!!! 
Just a cardboard cutout. BAZINGA! Best. Show. Ever.

 Watching The Polar Express...again. 500 times in one season in enough, isn't it? It is a great little movie, though.

 Brendan came down to watch it with the little guy while we got some things in the car...and wait a second!

Alex fell ASLEEP! Brendan is a pretty cool guy. He doesn't do that anymore...or, so we thought.

 Time to head home from a fabulous trip in sunny Florida 

 Back in Alabama in less than an hour. Now, only 3.5 more to go...yawn...

 Back home and ready for dinner at one of favorite places! Alex loves the peanuts. He thinks cracking them open is the funniest thing in the world.

 It was a great trip and a super fun way to end the year. 

One more left of 2012 :) 

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