Friday, January 25, 2013

Andy's 1st Day of School {New Preschool!}

Did that throw you off a bit? It's January, you don't usually see first day of school pictures this time of year, but since we had a school change, here we go.

Andy LOVES it!! He is so excited about going to school and seeing his friends and his teacher. He brings home a cute project every day. I go in to drop him off and pick him up (the last school it wasn't allowed) so I get to talk with his teacher and see how things are going. This is the best decision ever! AND!!! It's a Catholic school, so he knows almost all of the prayer before our meals. We have been working on it at home too, but the extra help (and seeing kids his age learning it, too) has been great. He also knows some of a song we sing at Mass, too!! LOVE IT!! Such a great place. We are so happy to be here!! Now, on to the pictures!

 My little guy is super excited!! We met his teacher a few days before and he just LOVES her!!

This is Andy's first project he brought home. He stuck the tissue paper pieces where the glue dots were placed. He said he made the "3" have some blue because he is 3 and that's his color. Cutie pants!

I have been taking pictures of every project he had brought home and plan on making him a little photo book of all his stuff. I know the grandparents want to see these pictures, so having a little project book with us when we visit might be fun. :) 

I want to keep all of his things, but not have it take over the fridge. Any ideas? What do you do with your kid's school stuff?

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