Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals Galore!

Why, hello there, 2013! We had a very nice start to our year at the House. We hope your beginning was great, too!

Last January, I made some goals for the house. And, well, that was pretty much thrown out the window. The office is GONE. It is now Alex's room. Yep, the boys are separated. Too much chaos. And when that happened, all of a sudden it was time to get ready for Christmas. 2012 sure did fly by, huh?

Well, it's time to start over, right? And so far we are off to a great start!!



Andrew's Room (hello WHITE SALE! it makes the most sense to start here):
1.   Patch holes in walls and sand
2.   Paint (picked out - just gotta pick up)
3.   Get bed frame and full mattress set to change toddler bed to - gasp! the final stage
4.   Dry clean down comforter and get the rest of the bedding (it's picked out - just have to order)

5.   Dressers- they aren't working out so they are trading with each other...silly boys scratch that lol
6.   Switch out knobs on dresser for these (found them at Hobby Lobby) scratch this one too
7.   Spray paint frames I bought different frames - no need to spray paint!
8.   Put up pictures and other train trinkets
9.   Get printouts of those awesome train pics I took a few month ago
10. Make these super cute toy storage bags (looks like mail bags on a train, I think)
11. Get fan installed (another one that we have picked out but need to be purchased)
12. Celebrate with a train ride! Seriously :) Tickets have been purchased! Though...technically, they are for Alex's birthday. But they will both enjoy this event very soon!!

**The items in bold red are things that we are going to wait on for a bit**

Alex's Room:
1. Patch holes in walls and sand
2. Paint (picked out!)
3. Airplane propellor...I'm on the hunt at all the antique shops. I just want a small one...How hard can it be?
4. Bulletin board and airplane pins for his maps and travel things we have collected
5. Decoupage some buckets with maps for his toys (like this)
6. Hang a few airplanes from his ceiling. I found some AWESOME ones at Hobby Lobby. Nice metal ones, but very lightweight.
7. A great globe
8. Put up wall art and other items we saved before they got separated
9. Install fan
10. Celebrate with a trip to the Airplane Museum :)

Master Bed/Bath:
1. Fix shower door
2. Replace a few cracked tiles
3. Org under the sinks
4. Org linen closet
5. Make a bedskirt - I found a few tutorials that I like, so I may see what happens here.
6. Gallery wall with wedding, honeymoon, and current pics mixed with a few other items
7. Board and batten on window wall to look like head board - too easy...this should be first on the list. It's more fun. And I want to paint...but not sure of the color yet. 
8. New towel hooks/shelving in bathroom near the tub fit for a GIANT....
9. Framed map of Puerto Vallarta
10. Nerdify Jason's night stand LOL - see here 
11. Celebrate with a trip to Puerto Vallarta. LOL! HA! That's out 10 yr anniversary dream....not 6.. Ok more like 20 yr anniversary. 

Living room.Hallway/Entryway:
1. New carpet - hardwoods! LOL Now, I'm just getting crazy... But SOMETHING needs to change. Ew. Builder grade SUCKS!!
2. Fills holes and sand
3. Repaint - probably the same color, but BETTER paint. Again...builder grade is ICK! And, it's seen better days...
4. Org DVD and Wii stuff
5. New art work on the walls. Maybe I will paint something again...not sure yet.

1.  Patch holes and sand
2.  Repaint...this may be a shade lighter than the current color (which is the same color in the living room)
3.  Sand table down and refinish it complete with a coat of polyurethane... toddlers hurt tables!!
4.  Sand chairs down and refinish
5.  Reupholster chairs
6.  New kitchen mats
7.  Fix pantry's been dead for 3 years. I think its time. 
8.  New kitchen faucet...too small. Why is that one there?
9.  New kitchen light. Because I hate that one that's in there. It is hideous...
10. Celebrate with a new bottle of wine!

Laundry Room:
1. It just needs to be organized really.
2. New place for shoes.
3. More hooks put up for jackets, bags, and such.
4. Repainted or something...those walls are gross. 
5. Celebrate by NOT doing laundry! HA!

1. All that sports stuff and outside toys need to be organized
2. Need to get a cabinet for items that don't have a home inside the house
3. Attic is such a horrible mess... I found things I wanted to put up for fall that I didn't find until I was getting out the Christmas stuff. Terrible.
4. Org yard work items
5. Celebrate by parking my Swagger Wagon in there (cough hint hint cough Christmas cough gift cough). I'll be such a good girl, Santa.

1. Trim up bushes/shrubs
2. Something with the tree...I don't know if something is wrong with ours or what, but it is sad. Maybe some mega grow tree food? Maybe a new no. But something. Maybe I should hug it once in a while.
3. Brick border around landscape beds
4. Re-stain door
5. Topiaries by front door
6. New light.
7. House number sign on area between front door and garage. Can't wait to add this!!
8. Celebrate with a water balloon fight! Awesome sauce.

Well, I think that about covers it! It's a lot to get done. But this house really is our home for a longer run. It works for us right now and we do love it here. It just time to make is ours :)


  1. Writing the list is the hardest part! Iv just done the same, a little overwhelming at first but hey we have a whole new year to work through it and get it done. Hope you had a wonderful New Years, enjoy the holidays x

    1. It is overwhelming, but I think it will help with the "going to Target for everything I don't need" issue LOL


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