Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Zoolight Safari!

Note: I'm apologizing in advanced for the bad quality on some of these pics. Clearly, I don't have a clue what setting to use on my phone for taking night pictures...

The weekend before Christmas we headed out to the zoo for to see the millions of Christmas lights displayed all over the zoo. It was so pretty!! I love the zoo at Christmas!! Here is a taste of what we saw (click on the pic to see it bigger):

From the top:
Can't leave out the Chick-Fil-A Cows! And, of course, Andy loved those blue elephants 
The tree in the middle of the swan pond (from one side of the zoo)
They boys in their wagon - tried 500x to get a smile... They loved it, but were just so amazed by it all. 
Cool parrot Alex said to take a pic of :)
The tree from the other side of the zoo
Gingerbread houses - Andy said, "That's where the cookie mans live!!"

From the top left, clockwise:
Andy driving the tractor
Mountain Goat. LOL
The boys in front of the giant snowman
Alex's turn on the tractor

 Guess who we saw?! 
These two cracked everyone up. Andy went up to Santa giggling like crazy and Alex pretty much jumped into his lap. No joke. I thought Alex would be shy or something. Oh, no. Not one bit. They were THRILLED. 

YES!!! A PERFECT picture of me and my hubby! He's a hottie, I know. ;)
(btw - Jason took that picture of us! woot!)

From the top:
On our way home we hit up a few neighborhoods to check out the lights. This house was DECKED out! The whole front window had a village inside. Trees all over, every character that has anything to do with Christmas, everything!
Andy was saying "WOW!" the whole time
While Alex was saying "look!" and finishing off his lollipop from Santa
Yes, the hose from the 1st two pics also made sure to include the reason for the season :) Everyone from the Nativity was present here! Animals, shepherds (yes - with an S!! I don't remember how many, but there were a few). It was great. The boys both saw and yellowed out, "Baby Jesus!"
Finally, I just had to share...this is from another house. Go ahead. Click it to make it bigger... This has got to be the tackiest Christmas blow up ever. And we have seen a lot... But this tops it. Santa. In a tub. Bathing (his arm with a brush in his hand moves). And a reindeer is just hanging out rather close by. Interesting. And this wasn't the only one.... Oh, goodness...

Anyone go check out their town's zoo at Christmas? 
What's the wackiest Christmas decoration you saw? 
Do share - I want to see if anyone can top the "Santa in the tub" thing.... LOL

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