Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Circus is in town!!

This morning was very cold and very rainy and very icky out. And we weren't going to even attempt going to the elephant parade for the "Greatest Show on Earth." But, we did and I am so happy that I changed our plans. Instead of going home, we saw this:

ELEPHANTS!!! Ok, yes, I am still very excited that we got to see them. I love elephants. They are my favorite animal, and with Andy's collection (he has about 7 or 8 now) he loves them just as much!

 How cute are they?! They are holding each others' tails and everything :D This one even looks like he is smiling! CUTE!!!

 I love them! I want to take one home... I don't know where I'd keep him though. 
(Maybe in my neighbor's grass - hahahaha! Inside joke...)

Look at him! He is so amazed by the elephants. I asked him before we got out of the car if he wanted to see if we could find them. He said, "Yes" and nodded his head, too. Then instantly looked out the window for them. Silly boy, though I did say they were going to be on the road... HA!

We even go to see some of their horses, too. I love how their manes have been done! Very pretty.

We had a great time out there! Best 2 minutes this year! LOL! :D
Glad I keep an extra umbrella, scarf, jacket, and hat in the car. It was really cold. But, I didn't care. I did this for that little guy in the picture. And the look on his face when he saw those elephants walking the streets of the "Big City" was enough to keep me warm!

OH! Just a bit of info for those with little kids. I never knew about this for Andrew, but for Alex I am going to register him with Ringling for the "Baby's First Circus." I have to get this done before he turns 1 and he will get a Circus ticket voucher to be used for any day, any time and it has no expiration. He also gets a certificate for going to his first circus.

For Andrew, since we missed out knowing that info, I will be getting him a Commemorative Certificate. This I'll get for him once we go to the circus for the first time.

And one day, I plan on taking both of them to the Elephant Conservation Center in Florida. I can't wait!


  1. FUN!!!!! Glad you decided to go! I LOVE elephants too, just not their giant POO! :-P

  2. I know - me too!
    Funny thing though! The horse were the ones messing up the streets! The elephants were just walking in their dignified ways! LOL!


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