Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School, First Day of School! {Part 1}

Have y'all seen the movie Nemo? Ok, who am I kidding... If you have kids, then you have seen it about 5,000 times... or more, right? So, who remembers this scene?

Well, I was totally Nemo. I had to actually wake up the boys! WHAT?! For the ENTIRE summer they were up around 6-ish. First day of school rolls around and I have to wake them up at 6:30. Sheesh. Who wants to bet that they wont sleep in tomorrow morning (off day)? Silly boys.

Anyway, today was Andrew's first day of school - PreK-3, that is. And he was VERY excited this morning!

Andrew: PreK-3

Ok...where has the time gone??? I mean, really...  

Watch and see...

Mother's Day Out: Older 2s/Younger 3s Class (mid-year when we switched schools)

Preschool: Younger 3s Class (the 1st half of the year before switching schools).
Aw...if you look closely, he still has the little wrist roll. Not sure when it disappeared, but he was just about to turn 3 that month.

Preschool: Younger 2s Class...
Oh. My. Gosh. He was just about to turn 2 here. Wow. 

I mean...WOW. My little boy is growing up. 

Actually, he is growing up TOO fast. As we were walking up to his building, I asked him some things:

"What is your teacher's name?" 
"What is your hook number where your bag goes?"
 Etc, etc...

"Mama, I know. I'm almost 4, you know." 

Sheesh. And, we get up there and he had everything taken care of. He even said "good morning" to his teacher. Sigh...

Oh, and WAVED goodbye to Alex and I. I got a hug from him after I picked him up though. Goodness...

Speaking of Alex...

He was not exactly thrilled that it was not his first day of school. But, I got him to be a bit happier with me after taking him out for a donut and a trip to the library. Only, he thought we were supposed to get Andrew after those things. He was NOT happy when he realized we were heading home. One more week, sweetie. 

Alright, people. There is the update on Part 1 of our Back-to-School extravaganza. Part 2 is coming up next week when Alex gets his day to start school.

Have a great week!

Update: Click here to see Alex's first day of school!!

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