Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Rewind: October 2-5

Hello, and happy October! This is the time for spooky stories, Halloween treats, and super fun outings!! :) YAY!! This is one of my FAVORITE months!! Let's get to the sharing, huh?


Mr. Chill. Jason said that he just needs a newspaper and he'd look like an old man LOL! Such a cutie!


 Playground fun after school :)

My super cute pumpkin head! This is one of the projects made at school. Love it!

 And, one of my projects while they were both at school today - an almost finished nursery for Baby Austin! :) YAY! Just to add the things to the walls that I have.

Working on a pumpkin craft. At first they weren't too into it. Then I told them we are going to a fall festival tonight and they suddenly got VERY excited and made some pumpkins. Too funny!

Fall Festival!! This is an annual event put together for a local elementary school. We have gone to this 3 years in a row now! Wait, really?! WOW! Can't believe that. But, it is true! We started going to this when our friends kids started kindergarten there. We miss you, Zach and Grace!! 
 Top row: Jumping like crazy in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Bottom row: In the race car train ride ready to go!

  Eating cotton candy, prizes, and winning games! So fun!


 Early morning lego construction

 Enjoying the amazing weather after running around like crazies!! Ha! Cuties... 

 Uno tournament. I so lost... You can totally read his face, right? Haha! Stinker.

Fun times! Next week is even better!!


Last week's goals and such:

Family Goals:
1. Pick up more fall/Halloween books from the library AND have a reading picnic!! Fun! Mama is getting worn out so a reading picnic didn't happen just yet...
2. Work on the "Our Father" with the boys.  So, apparently they almost know this prayer thanks to school. Good thing... I have not been doing well in this area this week.
3. Go on a family adventure this weekend! We went to a fall festival!!
Personal Goals:
 4. Rise and shine 530 am!
5. Sanitize and organize binkies, bottles, and other items needed Got it all done! Score.
6. Read Catholic Mom's Cafe and A Catholic Mother's Companion to pregnancy. 
7. Listen to the rest of the podcasts - find some new ones! Any suggestions? What do you listen to?
Home Goals:
8. Paint the frames for Austin's room and get print outs done
 10. Yard work! Some serious yard work... Well, almost. I got the bushes trimmed LOL

Good times! Check back soon for the following week's adventures!

 Austin update: Went to the doctor yesterday (10/10) and he is doing well. Right on track and everything. No signs of going early so phew! I don't have time for surprises! Haha! 

26 DAYS TO GO!! 

We can't wait to meet you, Austin!


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