Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week in My Life: Tuesday

Hello there, Tuesday. The good thing about today was that it is a school day meaning that even though Jason was out of town for a bit, I got a break. I actually took a nap. Saaa-weeet!

On school days, I get before the crack of dawn (530-ish). It's still dark, quiet, and the world around is just beginning to wake up. It really is a magical time. I wonder how this is all going to pan out once this little mister #3 makes his appearance. Eh, it will still be a magical time. But, I am sure that the coffee will once again find it's 2nd home in the microwave. Haha.

Around 645 on these days, the boys get up and get their day going. Actually, they are up before then, but can't come out and wake up the world until the green light goes off. Luckily, they have learned to be a tad quieter in the mornings. The coffee gets sad if there is noise, right?

By, the time breakfast is over and clothes are on, it is time to grab backpacks, jackets (yep! it is FINALLY cold enough for jackets! 40-something that morning!), shoes, and head out for school.

While in the car we talk about the day ahead of us, work on/say our prayers (we are learning the "Our Father" right now), and listen to a silly and spooky Halloween tale in the car while looking at the Halloween books. They are just so cute to listen to on the way to school! I love hearing their conversations about what they will be doing in their classes. Andrew told Alex about how he was wearing an orange shirt because they were leaning about orange and all the things that go with it. Alex told Andrew about his friends and what kind of snack he wanted to have. He likes to emphasize the important things, you know. Love them!

While they are learning about all kinds of things, I ran out and took care of a few errands - baby shower gift, birthday gifts, stamps - the regular things. Then headed home to just chill.

Eventually the clock tells me to get going. So I grab snacks and fresh ice water (must have the ice!) for the boys. I catch up on some of my podcasts on the way and wondering how their day went.

When I making my way to Alex, I can hear him saying, "My mommy here!!" He has the BIGGEST smile, gives me the BEST hug, and says bye to all his friends and teachers. It is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. After we get to the car and make our way to the car line for Andrew, we chat it up for about 20 minutes waiting for the big boy to come out with his class. Andrew LOVES that I'm usually the 2nd or 3rd car in line. His face lights up and he gives me cutest "I'm a big 4 year old, but I can still wave to you" wave. Once he's in the car and buckled up, I try to get a few questions in about his day, but usually I hear about it through the conversation between the two from the back. Andrew wants to tell Alex all about his day and Alex wants to tell Andrew things, too. It is so sweet. They ask each other stuff and just talk, talk, talk all the way home - or until Alex drifts off to sleep for a bit.

After getting home, the rest of the day begins to wind down as it is now close to 330. Bags are unpacks, lunch stuff in the dishwasher, papers and projects filed or added to the fridge and numerous calendars - you know. All that "mom stuff" you have to do after school. Then there is a chunk of time where we find things on the windows like this guy:

Or we snuggle up on the sofa to watch some more old school Halloween cartoons, like Tom & Jerry:

It was a great day. We missed having Daddy at home with us, but we made it through another day and soon enough he will be home.

After dinner, it was time to get the house back into order, grab our pajamas, and snuggle up some more for story time. And, yes - Halloween story time! We read "Room on the Broom" tonight. SUCH a cute book! We can't wait to watch it on Sprout this coming Monday!

Once the boys were in bed, I cleaned up the kitchen and snuggled up in my bed with my newest book from the library:

Oh, yes! We are big Jim Gaffigan fans in this house - even more so now that we learned he was Catholic, too (and, proud of it)! Score. Gotta love a great comedian!! And, yes - this book is HILARIOUS!! I was dying laughing on just the first few pages. Awesome.

Once I had been able to say goodnight to Jason (and find out that he was going to be home Thursday instead of tomorrow - grrrr) , I was able to get to sleep slowly. I'm a terrible sleeper anyway, but when he's gone it is even more rare... Not. A. Fan. Oh, and being 37 weeks pregnant with your husband out of town isn't all that cool either. Just sayin'

Not that anything is going to happen...or will it?

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  1. I love the way you write about your day, Heather. When I do this next year I'm going to write present tense. I think my posts read like my school newsbook reports! ;-)
    How exciting that you are so close to your due date! It sounds like you are really enjoying your last few weeks with just you and your lovely boys. LOL about the coffee's second home!
    Praying all goes perfectly for you in the next few weeks.

    1. Thanks, Lucinda! We have family all over so I guess writing it that was just works out better. Less to think about! It is getting pretty exciting around here! 12 days to go :)
      Thanks for stopping by!


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