Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekly Rewind: September 23-29

Well, I do believe that my wacky week and a half long headache is gone. So, it is that time again to share what we have been up to! Here's a look back at the fun we had as September came to an end.


This is how we roll...

 ...down the hill, bumping into each other...
  Good times!


 This is NOT what you want to find in your laundry room at 545 in the morning as you are trying to get the ironing board out without waking the rest of the house up. Meet Mr., locust? He flies...And, he somehow found a cozy spot in my laundry room. Of course, it was 545 am and I wasn't sure what it was at first, so everything came crashing down. Jason really thought that I was dreaming this. Well, we were almost late to school due to me making sure this little guy was caught and shown to the world. HA! I was NOT dreaming... 


We headed to the zoo!!

 It was breakfast time in the primate house. Love that guy on the right :)

 Banging on some Djembe drums and being silly with masks


Picked up a TON of fall themed library books on Tuesday. This one is Alex's favorite one! When I "read" (no words - just pictures) it to the boys after school, Alex CRIED at the end!! If you haven't seen this book, it is SO cute!! The little bird is lost and the cat helps him find his way back to his bird family. They become friends along the journey South. Well, they find the little bird's family and must say goodbye to each other. The cat needed to get back home anyway. Well, as they hugged goodbye, Alex just busted out in tears and wanted them to stay together. It was so sweet. I told him that the bird would come back and this was just a little vacation until it was warmer back home. Oh, that little guy.

Jason "read" it with him, too. You can see his little hand on his face... The cat is on the page waving bye to the birds. He was sad again, but no tears this time. But Alex said, "Cat goes home... (sniffles)" Really, it is a super cute book. I might just have to get it to add to our collection of fall/Halloween books for next year.


 My view from my doc's office. Nice, huh? Yep, another appointment. I'm going every 2 weeks now... Fun. Oh, and this time my doc was out of town - which I knew so I chose the doc that delivered Andrew... But, let me just complain a bit for a sec (because that's what I do now apparently)... My blood pressure NEVER cooperates with the nurse. I have to ALWAYS have it taken at least twice before leaving. So, I let this nurse (the nurse to the doc that delivered Andrew) know this before taking my blood pressure. And, yep. It was not being nice. So, we wait to take it until the end of the appointment. And, it was ok, but not perfect. But, it was in the range it ALWAYS is in when I leave my doctor. So, it is like 1:45pm. It's Thursday. I pick up the boys in about an hour at the latest. Well, the nurse and doc didn't like what they saw...maybe they should look at my file BEFORE what they say next. The nurse comes back in and says, "Well, it's a little high so just hang out in here for a bit and we will try again." Anyone that knows me knows that I am now beginning to get anxious that maybe I am not going to get to that car rider line to get my little men. Ten minutes go by and she tries again. Again, I'm beginning to get nervous. It's now about 2:10pm... Sure the school is about 7-8 minutes away, but still! Well, my blood pressure is a tad higher...shocker! So she doesn't say anything and goes back out to talk to the doc. I can kind of hear them, but not really. Maybe they were talking about me...maybe not. But I hear "labor and delivery" and "33 weeks" and some other bologna that I DON'T have time to hear about right now - I have kids to pick up. I am the ONLY one with the cars seats and they are in the parking deck. Grrr. Anyway, I'm still pregnant and Austin is still chilling out for now. I got the boys in time and, yes, I now have 2 extra back up friends in case this happens again. Which, knowing my doc...I'm sure it will. He is such a tease...I wonder if he had anything to do with this... Kidding. Kinda.


 Playing tackle football with Daddy. Yes, TACKLE football. Don't worry about Alex he can take care of himself. He is starting to catch up to Andrew in speed, too. Andrew better watch out LOL

 Alex's turn to be the QB


New project for Austin!  It is all done actually! I made him this Cozy Baby Afghan over the weekend. It was super easy to make and it went by really fast. Just 3 colors and a mega crochet hook (I used a Q hook - it is huge! Biggest I have gone was K hook one time). It is SO soft and cozy! The colors are from Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Rust, Dusty Blue, and Beige. It is hanging over the side of his crib now! Love it!!

 Apple Cider Floats for Jason and I after the boys were in bed. They were ok. I liked them fine, but I feel like it needed something else... Jason wasn't a huge fan. Oh, well. There are more fall treats to be made!


 It was National Coffee Day today (9/29), so with my handy dandy Dunkin Donuts app, I got my freebie iced coffee and donuts for these men in my life :) Yummy! Gotta love a good coffee that is also FREE!!

And just to check up to see how things went around the House last week...
Last Week's Goals:

Family Goals:
1. Pick up fall book from the library I got ALMOST all of the ones I wanted. We read through all 15 of them twice, too. So next week, we are going back for more!
2. Put together big brother and daddy bags I am SO glad to have this all done! Andrew and Alex are going to be surprised to see that Austin has a little something for them! I will share what I did for them soon!
3. Go on a family adventure this weekend! Maybe something like this? We will be doing something THIS weekend instead! :)

Personal Goals:
4. Wake up at 530 everyday this week.
5. Keep reading through Catholic Mom's Cafe and A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy
6. Catch up on my fav podcasts in the car while boys are at school and I'm out running errands. I'm back to listening to the Simple Mom podcast and the Inspired to Action podcast. These are great! I'm almost caught up with these! And, I even came across one at just the right time! These days I'm having a bit of a patience problem (what? me? noooooo..... lol) and Kat with Inspired to Action had the perfect solution the day before I knew I was going to being a mommy monster... Gotta love those days...

Home Goals:
7. Paint the frames for Austin's room. I can never remember to tell Jason to get the frames out of the attic for me... Along with the Fall wreath... Brain freeze...
8. Make another Fall treat! I made Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies over the weekend. I am thinking of making Apple Cider Floats this weekend!
9. Clean up front walk, trim bushes, weed the beds, etc. Oops...I'm sure my neighbors love my "harvest" look I have going on. LOL Oh, well. This weekend!


And for this week's to-do list:

Family Goals:
1. Pick up more fall/Halloween books from the library AND have a reading picnic!! Fun! 
2. Work on the "Our Father" with the boys.  
3. Go on a family adventure this weekend!

Personal Goals:
 4. Rise and shine 530 am!
5. Sanitize and organize binkies, bottles, and other items needed
6. Read Catholic Mom's Cafe and A Catholic Mother's Companion to pregnancy. 
7. Listen to the rest of the podcasts - find some new ones!

Home Goals:
8. Paint the frames for Austin's room and get print outs done
 10. Yard work! Some serious yard work...


 Happy Fall, y'all!


  1. Really cute blanket! I'm so glad you enjoyed the tutorial and thank you for sharing it with me.

    1. Thank you! Glad I came across your tutorial! :)


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