Friday, October 25, 2013

Week in My Life: Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! The middle of the week! I love it! This means Jason is almost home (well, tomorrow anyway) and the weekend is almost here. YAY!

Today was a very exciting, fun-filled day!

The pre-K program at the boys' school hosted a community assembly for the children in the 3K and 4K classes. This isn't typically a school day for either of them but, we were able to attend and very glad we did!

If you didn't know, October is Fire Safety Month around the country. So, naturally who else is better to teach the children about fires and such? The firemen!!

Cool, huh? I really liked this presentation they did for the kids. The fireman on the left explained all the parts of the fireman's outfit/equipment on the right AS he was putting it all on. This is really great for the kids to see this in case there were such an emergency. Let's face it, they look pretty scary in a dark, smoky room, right? Especially if you are a 3-5 year old! You can't really see the guy's face once he has on that mask and helmet... He turned on his oxygen tank to so you could hear him breathing and talking through it - which sounds even stranger. But they were HILARIOUS and made everyone from the parents to the teacher and kids laugh. There was even a part when they had shut off the lights so the children could see what a fireman might look like in the dark with the different pieces that gave a reflection. Very cool. Alex and Andrew were quite impressed with the whole thing!

Note: I was going to add this picture to one of these collages, but just look at those autumn leaves behind the truck. It was just too pretty to put with the other pictures!
We headed outside a few moments later to learn about the firetruck and what is inside other than just the firefighters and hoses and such. Honestly, I had no idea that they carried around so much stuff in there. Things I didn't realize they even used - like a giant balloon type of thing that inflates to lift a car that could possibly catch fire and they need to get someone out a bit quicker.

Top left: Andrew standing next to his buddy listening to the firemen (And, ugh...I know the pink shirt. It is his class shirt color). 
Top right:  Aren't these kids so cute?! This is Andrew's class - the youngest group. They are just the sweetest kids, too!
Bottom left: One of the "silly firemen" that Alex pointed out. 
Bottom right: The firemen showing all the stuff inside the truck in the "hidden doors"

After each class got their picture with the fire truck, we waved goodbye and thank you to the guys that came out. The kids LOVED watching the firetruck drive off blaring it's siren, horns, and bells! Very cool!

Once back inside, the kids had a snack while some of us moms chatted. It was nice to get a little "grown up talk" in, you know? Alex felt like such a big boy. He got to do everything with his brother while we were there. He sat with him and his friends. He talked to his teacher. He even got to take home a fire hat, too! Then he told me as we were leaving that he needed to be in Andrew's class. Oh, goodness. Next year, buddy. 

Once back to the car, we headed to Target to grab party supplies for Friday morning. I'm the Moms and Tots coordinator for our mommy group at church and we are having a little Halloween party Friday morning. 

When we got back home, it was time for lunch. And, thankfully, right after that it was nap/quiet time! I told the boys earlier today that we were going to go somewhere afterwards but, that it was a surprise. So, Alex didn't fight me this time when I told him it was time for his nap. Yes! 

During this wonderfully quiet point of the day, I got a few things done around the house - like putting away the laundry finally and posting some pictures to the blog about our adventures this week so far.

After nap/quiet time was over and snacks were eaten, it was time to get Batman and Spiderman ready to go on a mini-adventure. 

Aren't they the cutest superheroes?! Love 'em!!

Grabbing a bite to eat for the car, we headed out to Bass Pro Shop (by this point I was giving them clues along the way - this was one of them). If you don't know about the different events put on by Bass Pro Shop, you have to try them out!! We go to the Christmas event every year and I just found out about the one last night! Remember me telling you the other day about how they are LOVING "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" - well, hello! This is EXACTLY what was going on there this month for Halloween!! Are you kidding me?! So, yes, we were headed there!! It is free and Jason is still gone until tomorrow. This mama needed something extra to help get through one last day!

As we drove up to the place, the boys saw a huge banner displaying what fun is going on right now. When they saw Snoopy and Charlie Brown, there were many loud, excited squeals in the back of the van!

I'm not a hunter or into fishing or anything, but this is a pretty cool place. Uh-oh...Alabama is starting to grow on me even more. EEK! ;)

First stop - pictures with the Peanuts gang! And, I have to say the staff here is just AWESOME! We were the only ones there for a little bit, so they made sure to get a great picture for me! How cute are they?! So, thanks, BPS!

While we were waiting for the trick-or-treating to start, they boys colored some pictures and made a few Halloween crafts.

And, then they saw this nifty little ride. A Fisher-Price Dune Racer - oh my... Thankfully it was bolted down...they wanted to leave with this thing. No joke.

No worries...they did leave with quite a few Halloween treats and prizes though! The got special pins and bracelets for being the first 100 kids to show up. How they got these Halloween treats is pretty cool, too! All over the store there are a handful of different departments - fishing, hunting, apparel, etc - and you go trick-or-treating to each place. Some spots gave out candies and other gave out toys or crafts to do. It was really cool. And the best part - it was free! Gotta love that!

But, honestly, this was the best part: Spending time with my little superheroes, getting a great picture of them in their costumes, and listening to their endless giggles!

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  1. That event looks like so much fun! My kids have only seen that movie once... it's time to bring it out again!


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