Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week in My Life: Thursday

Well, Thursday turned out to be rather interesting.

It is great morning. The boys are up and ready for the day with smiling faces. Jason is on his way home. We are having breakfast and talking about the day ahead. Andrew is going to wear another orange shirt to school for orange week. Alex is telling us about the friends he wants to play with today. Lunches are packed, errand list and things ready to go by the back door. We are on a roll!

After dropping the boys off at school, I return some things to the library, pic up some stamps at CVS, mail a few things and, then head over to my doc appointment (which...let's keep in mind that I was just complaining to a friend that while I love hearing Austin's heartbeat these appts were getting boring and semi-pointless. I'm a repeat c-section so getting "checked" was nixed - and fine by me haha). I get called back right after I take a seat... I swear they do that to the very prego just to see how long it takes us to get back up again.

So, I'm in the exam room and my doc is doing his typical measuring and heartbeat check. He asks how the baby is kicking and such. Well, ok, I'm FIVE FOOT NOTHING and I am pretty sure he running out of room at almost 38 weeks, ya know. But, silly me, I say something about him not "going crazy as much" but he's probably fine. Well, at this point of any pregnancy, it's better to be safe then sorry so I am now headed to the monitor room just down the hall. Ugh. Ok. So, his nurse is hooking me up and Austin is just not having it. She couldn't find him. Then, when she did, he would kick the little monitor off my tummy and move away. He really is a Mr. Stinker Pants...

Super exciting times

Once I am hooked up and he's worn himself out trying to get away from the monitors, I'm just laying there checking Facebook, some blogs and texting Kristi while listening to his little heart just beating away. I figure I'm headed home soon so just enjoy the quiet, right? Anyway, I decide to grab a little bit of a video since I don't actually have either of the boys' heartbeats on a DVD or anything so why not?

 Note: If you are viewing this via email or mobile device, you will need to click through to the actual blog. Otherwise, you can't see the video or hear a little heartbeat. 

So, while I am grabbing about 30 seconds of Austin's heartbeat and random kicks, I notice that maybe those little "tummy aches" aren't actually "tummy aches" at all. I;m not sure if you can zoom in on the video or not, but look closely at the bottom (or right side) of that paper. Yep, those are real and very regular contractions. Interesting. Very intersting. 

After about a half hour, my doc comes back in and says, "Hmm. You are contracting. Guess we have to check you after all." YAY! Because that's exactly what I want to do... Not. Once he's through, he said, "Well, we are going to have to send you down to Labor and Delivery for a little bit. You might get to go home, but we just want to make sure. These are pretty regular and you are dilated. Only 1cm. But you weren't anything before."

Oh. Happy. Day. 

Yes, I argued with him. Dr. F loves that though. Haha! If you know me personally, you know the stories I have about my visits with my doc. He is fabulous and I just love him! But, I do not like hearing that I have to be stuck somewhere until further notice. Not cool. But, really. I have things to get done before Austin come!

Anyway, of course, as any pregnant woman knows...once you get to L&D, your contractions stop and you are haunted with a false sense of hope for the next couple of days that your little stinker is going to make his appearance. Obviously, I was sent home. And right after Kristi (who is 4 weeks behind me) unhooked and dragged out 2 giant car seats from my van in the parking deck to throw into her truck. We may have "jumped the gun" but this is the only pregnancy out of the 3 in which I actually dilated. Andrew was late by a day. Alex was C-section. And, Austin is going to be a C-section. So, what in the world?!

Insanity is Thursday's nickname. I tried to change next week's appointment to a different day just because of the madness, but darn it. I'll be headed back there Thursday. So we shall see what fun happens then. 

Note to self: don't complain! HAHAHA!!

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