Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some House News!!!

Nooo... Austin is not here yet! November 6, people. Unless he wants to come in about 3 weeks. Then, ok. I do NOT have anymore room in here!

Anyway, if you have been following our family life on Facebook and/or Instagram, you know that a certain little man in our house has gone from this:

To this:

HELLO! Doesn't he look just so handsome in those little glasses???? Ahhhh!!!! I mean, yes, he's mine...I'm going to be biased here, but look! Yes, he was adorable before and he's still adorable. But the glasses?! It's killing me how stinking cute he is! 

Now, I know. I can hear you all wondering why he has glasses. Over the summer, I noticed that when he seems to be staring off or something, he tends to have somewhat of lazy eye issue going on. For a while I was the only one that noticed it. But, eyes freak me out. I can't even put eye drops into my own eyes. Ew (enter the shivers). Anyway, Jason finally noticed it, too and when I took Alex to the doc, I asked him about Andrew's eyes. We were referred to a great pediatric eye doc in town and it turns out it is just a muscle issue apparently. But, a muscle issue that if left alone could cause worse problems down the road. So, his vision is fine, but we needed to fix this weak muscle issue. So, here were are! it's been about 3 days with glasses now (appointment was last Thursday and we picked up the glasses Monday afternoon). He loves them! He is doing very well with them at home and at school!

We chose the Easy Twist glasses, if you are wondering. They are pretty cool. The hinges twist all around and don't break off (I mean, I guess you could break them if you really wanted to...). We had an incident yesterday, in fact, between the boys and Andrew was pretty mad at Alex for a good while because he really thought his glasses were broken. But, they are still in perfect condition. And, if anything does happen...I paid for every warranty I could just to be safe!

So there is our House news!! Maybe next time it will be about Austin ;) 

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