Monday, November 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Book and cakes, and dirt - oh, my!

 1. A slight change to my mornings...

The little stinker. He calls for me around 6:30-ish some mornings. I get him his drink ( of 2 days ago, we have now gotten rid of the bottles!! WOOT!) while he yanks a book out of his basket. We snuggle on the sofa, for what seems like just moments, before the boys come out after waving goodbye to the school bus.

After everyone has breakfast and their clothes on for the day, they get their reading time out of the way. And, I swear... Andrew could point at Woof's Tail all day long... I will never be able to find it again. Those Waldo books are HARD. But he finds EVERYTHING. Every character, every missing item, every note to get to the next page. I have no idea how he does it... It's amazing.

 2. McWane Center

We have once again entered this crazy members. But, it is so much fun now that Austin can play with the boys. And, super fun since we have some pretty awesome friends we talked into becoming members, as well!

3. Presents

Austin (and the bigger ones) got 2 surprise boxes in the mail the other day from Nana and Papa! Austin now has his own Batman/Gotham City and a Knight! Which meant, that Mama got a BUNCH of stuff done that day. I didn't care how messy the living room got... We had the castles, Pizza Planet, and Batman stuff all over the place, along with every person and accessory thrown all over the floor by the end of the day. Good times! 

4. Oh, the weather outside is frightful (and sometimes delightful)!

This may have been our coldest day of the week - around the 38-degree mark, I think.
 While this day - just a few days later - was much nicer at around the 65 zone.

5. Silly weather...and boys!

They just love rolling down this hill! I can't wait to watch Austin do it one day!



This guy thinks he's one of the big boys now... I refuse to believe such nonsense. Dat's my baby boy... Sigh... 


 6. The Art Museum is awesome - if you ONLY stay in the kids zone. I don't have money to pay for a gazillion antique chair they just place out in the open because preschoolers would never touch such a thing... 

 7.  My Cake is the "coolest" cake around! 

So, I made this one last week for a friend's daughter's Frozen-themed birthday! How awesome, right?! I wish I had gotten a picture of the inside!! It had 2 layers - one purple and the other a brighter blue than the frosting. Fun!!

 So much fun! What another great week!


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