Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SomeONE Got a Haircut...and SomeONE will be Turning ONE!!!

Note: Please excuse the picture quality... I had Andrew taking photos for me as Jason was working last this particular day last week. 

I'm just going to come out and say it... He is ADORABLE!! Those sweet eyes and sweet little face of his. He makes this family quite happy!

First Halloween photo! Ok, while he may not look happy. Let me just tell you... He wanted to sit there all night. In that spot. And was SO mad when we had to get going. So silly!

He definitely went back to smiling when his big brothers shared some yummy ice cream with him, though.

How's that for strange photo? Halloween costumes with a Christmas tree in the background. Haha!

Someone got mail!! Austin got his first "First Birthday" card in the mail yesterday! Thanks, Ma & Dave!

He loves it, can you tell?! So cute!

Still can't believe he will be one tomorrow!!!

Last this time, I was getting ready to go pick up Andrew and Alex from school. Finished a weekend of fun filled with Trick or Treating everywhere and getting the "shocked that I was out and about face" just days before my 2nd C-section. Crazy times. But pretty awesome, too.

Now, this once big baby is now a big boy. Walking and talking (says a few words we all understand - the rest is more only what I understand...sometimes). He loves playing "CA!!" (catch) with his brothers and playing with "CA!!" (cars and trucks), too. But, I think that smiling is his favorite thing to do! All smiles almost all of the time!!

(Haha! Perfect, right? Ok, now, that's the only Christmas thing you are going to see from me until Advent (November 30th). Seriously. Ok, fine...maybe the few Christmas presents for my family at Thanksgiving. But that's it. Each holiday is getting their own month.)

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