Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Been Meaning to Share These Photos

Well in my photo uploading chaos from yesterday, I came across these pictures that somehow never made it on the blog. Oops. Better late than never, right?


H is for Hopscotch!
A lot of fun was had at the Flow Dynamics  20th Anniversary Celebration! We just love this wonderful group of people Jason is blessed to work with!
Got the boys' Yearbooks made...FINALLY! All of their school work, art projects, and pictures galore are safely preserved in these Shutterfly photo books :)

As you know, my brother, Brendan, has joined the Army! This was his gift from me and my crew. Looking for a Rosary for your service member (Ahem, Veterans' Day is next week!)? Try out Trendy Traditions. I just LOVE the work that Melanie did!

Alex's Self Portrait

Andrew working on a masterpiece. It was rather quiet in the house...and this is what I found. So cute.

First day of the Fall that we needed jackets! (October 6)

Some fun days, huh? Now that I finally have my photos uploaded and back in order, I'll be working on some new posts in the coming days. So, grab some sweet tea (or coffee...I'm freezing!) and sit a while!

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