Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Last Week

I'm catching up! I'm almost there! Just a few more photos...

Last week was CRAZY busy! But it was fun, for sure!

We did a little bit of painting with Duplo blocks and Q-Tips. 

We did a little end-of-the Halloween candy snacking.


We did a little playing outside no matter how cold it is... We have these things call jackets and hats and extra layers! (Hey, it was 40-something one day. Another day, I think, it was only 30...). By the way, I have no idea what they are talking about. But they were laughing up a storm about something hilarious! After a while they went off to play some soccer. Love those guys!

We did a little hot chocolate drinking to warm up those little tummies. Also, sprinkles make everything better.

We made some crayons. That's all the rage on Pinterest anyway. Maybe that was last year.... Well, we did it last week anyway!

And while all that was going on, Mama baked some cakes! A 6-layer chocolate and red velvet Cat in the Hat cake. Complete with Thing 1 & 2 "smash cakes" for our sweet little twin friends! It was so much fun baking and decorating those cakes. I'll have another cake to share soon. It gets delivered today! Woot!


Thanks Lori for the photo!!
We even did a little fox trotting! Ha! Don't you love that hat?!  

It was a great week at the House! Now, off to take an awesome cake to a little princess!!

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