Monday, November 17, 2014

Current Happenings

Welcome back, y'all! It's been a while, huh?

Where have we been? What have we been up to? What will we do next?!

To catch you up a tad, here are some photos since Austin's 1st birthday:

The Halloween stuff was packed up and the Thanksgiving stuff all came out. And this is how it shall be until Advent (November 30th), people. Because, why? Thanksgiving is in fact a holiday... These stores, radio stations, ans TV things are trying to fool you. Thanksgiving still exists. Advent is when the Christmas stuff will begin to come out. #oneholidayatatime

Andrew is READING!!!! He did his first word search a few weeks ago!! YAY!! So proud of him! He will definitely be ready for Kindergarten next fall (GASP!!!). Alex isn't too far behind either. He is starting to sound out things he see and - almost - getting the words right. Great job, boys!!

Enjoying the last few days of warmth... Apparently Jack Frost wanted to mess it all up. Grr... I mean, brrr!!

Getting some reading done myself this month.

Just finished The Flight of Gemma Hardy. AWESOME book. It was killing me that I had to put it down to sleep... So, so good. If you loved Jane Eyre, you will love this one. Next in line: The 5 Love Languages of Children, No Longer a Slum Dog, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, and Still Alice.

Lots of brotherly love in the house has been going on these days, too!

Cuteness and an awesome dump truck!

I can have ice cream once again!!! Look!!! Dairy-free and soy-free...made with coconut milk. LOVE LOVE LOVE (Found at Target. Thanks Andrea for telling me about this!!)

Alex found the next number and is QUITE thrilled about it!

Andrew is working on a color by number sheet using addition skills. Sweet. Also, he says these are his favorite pages because it's a "mystery answer and color" - love it!

Planning, planning....

And more planning! I think I have all of Advent covered now (Thanks Pat and Terri for this awesome book, again! They sent it to us a few Christmases ago. We love it!)

Gorgeous fall colors from my neighbor's tree. WHO!!!!! Who by the HOME!!! My sweet elderly neighbors were in a terrible car accident back in MARCH - St. Patrick's Day. Well, Mrs. M came home back in June, I believe. She is doing great now. I even saw her driving again the other day! Yay! And, Mr. J...he finally came back home on Halloween! We are so very happy to see them again. I'm sure they are thrilled as well to be back together again and getting better and better each day. Our whole street has missed them so much (that is the thing we will miss when we move - the hospitality and generosity of our street is just amazing).

Next up: Veteran's Day Parade in the city who started it all!

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