Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Recap

Better late than never!

 He's a teeny little super guy! Oh, yeah! (You know you remember where that is from!)

Our annual Bass Pro Shop Halloween picture. Awesome. Austin got his own picture as this was his First Halloween! (click here)

 Headed out to Trick or Treat at the Library
They were so awesome that they made it onto the Homewood Library website. Cool :) 

Homewood Library
Homewood Library

I promised my brothers this photo from Costco. Yes, that is a huge bear! No, we do not want it. I mean, where would you even put that?! It would need it's own room... Why is it SO big?? Oh, wait, that's right. Costco. Everything is big there. Haha! What a crazy bear!

Once we were home, we go the rest of everything done because of friends were coming to town!!My husband's childhood friend, Sean, and his family came up for the weekend. It was SO much fun! Here are some pics before we headed out for the night. (note...clearly I forgot to turn OFF the flash....)

And, oh my.... It was FREEZING cold!! About 40 by the time we got home. It was so cold that this year someone had one of those fancy propane heaters in the driveway! 

We got back and checked all the candies and took out things that were "not good for kids" like Reece's and Snickers. Haha. Joking. Sort of. But, hey, when you have all that candy, what do you need to do??

Hahahaha! Inside joke. Gotta love those!

Anyway, the next days we just hung out and had a great time. The big boys loved that they had a camp out in their room. And, the little boys loved just sitting around and playing. Adorable! 

Just chillin'

Breakfast stop before Mass

Austin sharing the coolest stacker toy known to kids. Seriously. This is our second one. It is awesome.

Austin laughing and Wyatt trying it out as a hat. Love it!

"We just want to chew on things."
It was such a great weekend! We were so glad that y'all came!! 

Come back soon! ;)

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