Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello? Anyone there?

Wow. Almost 2 weeks since an update? What is going on here?!

Oh, yeah! House stuff. Baby stuff. Moving stuff. If I could insert a squeal somewhere, I would. But, this will do for now:


So, yes! We are almost done with the to do list for this house!! In fact, in fact today is the last day for all the touch-up painting, last-minute fixes, and such. Tomorrow is all about staging this place. And, Wednesday? Time to get those photos taken!! By the end of the week, we should have our MLS number and be up for grabs.

This is where I'm going to ask for some more prayers. While we have found the perfect home (I promise to tell more on this when I can - which I can't wait!), we need to find someone to buy this one. Just pray that the right person/family will come at the right time and everything continues to fall into place as it has been. Thanks!!

Now that is all taken care of, how about some pictures! I'm sure the grandparents are about to call me wondering where those grandbabies are!!

How about we start with the youngest? Here's Baby's first picture! This was take at 8 weeks. I'm 10 weeks and 2 days right now. Due date is exactly where I said - August 29th. Of course, since we all know I'm the c-section girl, Baby will born sometime that last week of August. And, yes. Those arrows in the photo are crazy... Those arrows are pointing to his/her head (left) and the arm buds (middle) and leg buds (right). There is ONE baby in there. One. Just one.

We went to the zoo later that same day. Andrew and Alex wanted to make sure I shared the pelican photo. These birds aren't usually out when we get there, so they were pretty excited!

Can't go to the zoo without a train ride!

Chasing Mr. Rooster...
This otter may be Austin's favorite animal of the day. I mean, how cool! 

Back home to start the long list of to dos (we started for real work about 2 weeks ago - today is the last day!!)...

Watching the mockingbird after breakfast

Now, I'm sure you want to see some of what we have been doing, right? If you are following us on Instagram, you may have already seen these.

Cleaned all appliances inside and out. CHECK! Ew. Not fun. But, hello? That oven looks pretty close to brand new.

Power washed driveway, sidewalk, entryway, siding, and back patio.  CHECK! And, um...I didn't realize that our back patio slab was WHITE under all that nasty... WOW!

The boys are pretty impressed with the sprayer!
And, now... I have to share this. I still wonder if I'm going to wake up and this is all some wild dream. I hope not...

Last week was one of the highlights of my life. I have watched thousands of these "house shows" on HGTV since...forever. And, I have watched Tarek and Christina go into these magical warehouses time and time again. But, never did I think that I would actually get to go to this place and pick our my own granite!!!!!!! (maybe the happy squeal should have gone here...?) Yes. Oh, yes I did! Santa Cecilia from Brazil, you shall be mine!!! I am so excited!! You probably can't tell though.

Really?! Like, really?! When Jason told me that I would get to go do this, it was like a kid finding out that they were headed to Disney. Seriously.

Man, that was a great day. I can't wait to cook in my new kitchen...

Last one, then I'm out to get some more things done.

While Jason was cleaning out the garage, look what he found:

From Instagram: In closing this chapter of our lives to begin a new one, our sold signs were found from when we bought this house. This was a good house for these newlyweds 7.5 years ago. But with baby #4 on the way, these walls filled with memories are closing in on us! 

We are definitely ready to start this new chapter!! Let's go!!

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