Sunday, October 2, 2011

Awesome Weather

Friday afternoon, Andrew asked to play outside. Can I just say I was so happy to put on a sweatshirt?! Yet, the same weekend, I complained about "freezing to death." I live in the South for a reason, people. Sun, sweet tea, and air condition. I don't see anything about being cold in there...

Anyway! We went outside and Alex loved watching his brother play golf and playing with the grass. Andrew had a blast playing golf. He was soooo cute! I am happy to report that I did get a video! :)

Click here if you have trouble viewing.

I got a bunch of great pics, too. The weather really was nice... And, as long as my little men are smiling and happy, I don't care about anything else :)

Rolling after watching an airplane in the sky. 

Getting ready to play.


Look at that kid! Olympic Swimmer or Golfer...both would be great ;)

Cheesin' it before another swing.

Looking past me to watch his brother run by.

Walking just like his Daddy when he plays golf.

Sneak attack from Daddy when he got home from work!

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