Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Great Mamas Think Alike

So, my mom came up last week (or maybe the one before? prego brain...) and gave me a really pretty set of serving bowls to go with a few other awesome pieces she has given me for past occasions. I finally got to use them this past Saturday. Love them!!

The best part...

Yes!! The top left photo is at my house in Alabama. The top right photo is at her house in Florida.

We had the SAME dinner on the SAME day using the SAME (ok fine...same pattern, different colors) awesome serving pieces and didn't even plan it! HA!

And, yes. I sent that photo on the bottom to all of my little brothers. Boom.

Happy Mother's Day to all you legends out there!

Side story:

Mom told me to tell Andrew that she was having Salsa Saturday, too. He told me to tell her, "No, Grandma. It's Taco Tuesday (long pause) on a Saturday!"

Love that kid! 


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