Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Currently. {Vol. 3}

Enjoying: The cuteness factor of the bond between brothers!

Alex isn't a huge fan of trains, but he definitely needs to be in on all the action... Especially when Andrew is picking out every one's trains. Also Austin is learning all kinds of word these days about the world of trains: train, track, chug-chug, choo-choo, car, wheel, etc. It is super cute!

Loving: The awesomeness of the McWane Center.

Y'all. For real. You just don't even know how extremely happy the moms are to have this Itty Bitty Magic City within the McWane Center. The Stroller Parking in a cute "parking lot" is adorable. The GATED ENTRY with a sign that not only clearly states "kindergarten and under ONLY" but with a McWane employee manning the gate?!?! HELLO. This place is at a whole new level of awesome. Really and truly, there are not enough words to explain how happy we mamas of little ones are. You could see it on all of the mamas faces. Andrew and Alex could run around and play their little hearts out without me constantly saying something about running off and not being able to see them. There is even a spot where Austin could play that is for 2 year old and younger. Seriously, y'all. This place really is "magic" and we are thrilled!

Planning: Something. I'm always planning something. For now it is just baby stuff.

It's all I can do really... Until we are actually moving for real there isn't anything I can do. And that may be what is slowly killing me. Having a true panic attack on a daily basis can't be good. Maybe I should plan how to stop those before they start. Suggestions are highly welcomed. But not the fluffy bologna, please. Much thanks.

Feeling: Unbelievably stressed out to the max. I'm sure there is another word for it...

However, due to some recent feedback... Maybe our luck is about to change. Oh, don't worry though. I'm no longer giving my hopes up or anything. I might give myself a little gift when this junk is over.

Alex & Ani "It Is What It Is"

I mean really. It is my current motto. It is perfect.

Making: Everyone crazy? Kidding. Though I probably am...

We did make up a fabulous play date for all the Moms & Tots though! Good times!

It was a perfect day for our bubble fun, too. The sun wasn't beaming down on us due to the threat of spring showers that never showed up. It was great! The kids all had a great time. My lame joke was that since it was my last year as Mom & Tots Coordinator for our Guild at OLS, that I was "popping out of here!" Haha, I know. We all had a great time!! And, I know that our next mama to take over is going to great!!

Listening: Some serious Lego building is going on in the kitchen.

I found a small, manageable box of Legos for while we are in the "oh, my gosh! the house must stay perfect all the time!" stage. And, yeah. They are of course loving every piece. It is just cracking me up while I'm typing. I can hear Alex telling Andrew to "put that wreckin' ball down before I get mad!" and Andrew is saying something about "those pieces are for his creation that his wreckin' ball will never touch. ever!" See? Serious building. No joking.

Reading: A whole mess of books. I have issues. As clearly stated.

Ok, before you gasp at the MASSIVE size of The Goldfinch... That is in large print. It was the only one I could put on hold for some reason. But, I wanted to read it. So, there you go. One massive book. I also have Gone, The Sandcastle Girls, and In Sunlight and In Shadow in that stack. The kindle has about 3 books in the works right now, too: A Mother's Rule of Life (for the 2nd time. It's really good when you are losing your mind...), Love the Home You Have (because I am losing my mind with selling the current home), and Far from the Madding Crowd (which is slow going...not sure if I am a fan yet...).

Watching: Sadly nothing... My show just ended and won't return until October!!! NOT FAIR, CW!!! October is TOO FAR AWAY!!! It's the only show I watch. The only one where no one is allowed to call, text, email, anything while it is on. I'm so sad... I know...

I might watch The White Queen on Amazon Prime, but I don't know. Maybe I'll back up my historical fiction and watch The Tudors again. Or maybe Vikings or Rome. We only have Amazon Prime for now... so no Game of Thrones for now.

I'm hoping that I get to watch Jason and a bunch of awesome friend fill up a moving truck soon more than anything though....

For now, we will just keep moving our pieces around the board.

From Instagram: Andrew: "I got mmmmmolasses...yeah..." Alex: "GOATS!!!! YES!!!!"


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