Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Backpack That Almost Made Me Cry

Attention: Grandparents who are not ready to see a rising kindergartner should probably wait until August to see these. You have been warned.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love Pottery Barn Kids and this is a big deal for us. Enjoy!

Who knew that something like this would make me say, "Take it off!! Take it off!!"

Pottery Barn Kids - Mackenzie Multi Shark Small

And then my 5 year old ask me what my problem is? Well, no. He didn't ask like that. But he could have... He was rather worried when he looked at me and said, "What's wrong?" Well, dear, it is just that you... You are a big boy. I love it!! But, wow. The time has flown.

Anyway, Pottery Barn Kids was having their backpack and luggage sale  a few weeks ago (thanks, Baby Cheapskate for the heads up!) and I figured it was best to go ahead and get these things now. High quality items from a company I certainly trust and couple of prints that Andrews really liked. He went with the Multi Shark one for his backpack and lunchbox. We chose the small size, too. It is a perfect fit for him. So, if you are wondering about which size to get, I totally say to watch the video they have on their backpacks. Help me to make a choice faster.

Andrew super excited about his backpack!!


Yes, we got the matching lunch box, too!

checking out the pockets for all his things

WOW. He is quite a big boy in this photo... 5.5 years old... <3
Now to just get the name labels for all of my children... But that will probably be on next month's to do list. Right now....I need ice cream after looking at these pics again!

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