Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some Pics from McWane (Our New Hangout)

Last week we hit up the McWane Science Center three times. In a week. That is normally what we do in about a month. I'm telling y'all McWane has done an excellent job with their Itty Bitty magic City. it is just way too cool. Here are some pics from the last two days we played around.

Alex the mechanic. Oh, wait... He called himself the Race Car Fixer. So cute!

Austin playing with the ball chutes. I think this may be his favorite area.

Chef Alex

Austin playing at the Pet Hospital checking out one of the puppies...which he would not let go of for a good while.

Austin at another spot in the water area.

Austin is pretty serious about getting ALL the balls he can find into the chutes.
Fireman Alex and his Dalmatian (brought over by Austin from the Pet Hospital)

Alex....always running!

Austin loves building towers in this special area for littles 2 years old and younger.

Austin very excited about seeing more blocks to climb in and over and under!

Austin and the blocks with a pretty view of the city trees

And, finally, all 3 find themselves together building something.

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