Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Let me start this post off by saying that we are SO EXCITED that Jason's cousin, Nick, and his sweet family have moved to Tennessee!! It was so great to be able to meet up in the middle and visit Diana and the boys!! Us girls had a great time and all the boys, of course, had a blast!!

This past Monday, we met up at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. And, wow! I have never been here before, but wow!! Now, I love our local gardens, of course. But, this place is FAR better (sorry, but true!). The paths are mostly paved and you can get to everything...with a stroller. Hello?! Why can't ours figure out that this is a major necessity for mamas of many? It was awesome. Lots of shade, yet lots of sunny areas. A bunch of stuff for the kids to do - whether they wish to stay dry or get completely soaked! It is a fabulous place.

Here are some photos from our day together. Enjoy!!

Thanks, Diana, for getting this pic! I'm not sure how many you took to make it happen, but it is a winner!
One of many Water Rock Gardens

Lego Race Track - they all loved this one. We had to almost drag some of them away LOL

Alex loving the giant chair, yet wishing it was green... 
Andrew perfectly fine with it being a wonderful shade of blue!

Austin thought the Sunflower Maze was pretty cool. You can move the leaves around any which way to make it work for you.

Alex (4) and Cole (5) hanging out in one of a few of the tree houses. These were pretty cool.

Andrew thought the lookout was the best! He asked if we can make a tree house camp ground place just for kids at the new house. Sure!!

One of a few Lego sculptures we found. I think we only came across 2 out of the 12 or so that were there. There was just so much to do and see! We have to go back!

The Rocket Garden within the Children's Garden. This thing was crazy! Alex pushed the button and water shot out all over Cole! They all thought it was hilarious! Silly boys!!

Cole (left) and Alex stopping for a pic while Andrew, Austin, and I backtrack on a hunt for the lost water bottle. No worries! We found it! Whew!

The Gardens Railway

The "tail end" to a fabulous day! Haha!

It was so much fun! Can't wait to get together again! 

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