Friday, April 1, 2011

A Tiny April Fools' Trickster

Well, I have a very funny story for April Fools' Day...

Our little boy definitely got the prankster genes from both of us. Jason and I love to play jokes on each other all the time. One year he got me really good with the sprayer from the kitchen sink. And, one time I got him to call the Zoo asking for Mr. Lyons... That one would have worked a lot better if the Zoo hadn't closed early that day. Oh, well. There are still many tricks in store, I am sure, before this day is over.

But, this morning's joke started with a very tiny little trickster...

I heard him wake up this morning and he was giggling about something. Then, all was quiet again. I assumed he went back to sleep. I got a few things done in the kitchen before going to get him up for breakfast (we got to sleep in a bit since Jason went in to work a bit earlier). I went into his room and it was really quiet. Like, scary quiet. I looked in his bed and no one was there. Odd. I looked under it, in Alex's crib, under the crib, in the closet. He was no where to be found. I have a mini freak out (why? i dunno...he doesn't know how to open the door yet...) and call him, "Andrew?!" ANDREW?!"

A tiny set of sneaky giggles answer.

Where do you suppose he was? Behind the rocking chair. I always have a blanket over the back (Alex's blanket for his bed when he is bigger) so I couldn't see behind the chair... What a stinker! He was laughing! He thought that was the funniest thing ever. It really was once I heard him. We were both laughing and he gave me a big hug and kiss.

Now, I have 2 tricksters to watch out for! Can't wait to see what Alex will try and pull one day :)


  1. oh wow! that's a riot!!! I know he gets it from Mom AND Dad... but seriously, I used to be afraid to be in the same house with YOU, Mom... on April 1st!!! lol! love you! xoxo


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