Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter (with some help)!! We are so blessed to have such fantastic friends just a few streets over! With the help of Rachel and her family, we had our first Easter as a family of four (that still hurts my head to say that lol). She is awesome and made most of it, while I chipped in with easy-peasy things. We even had an egg hunt! I love them all!! The "Minos" are so awesome!! Thanks, guys!! I'm sure Andrew was happy to see that not everything had changed when he got to see Zach and Grace again, too!

I know, another quick post!? Once I get the hang of this mom of two thing, I'll be better with posting - promise!!

A tired but very happy Daddy :)

Miss Grace!

Zach and his tired Daddy :) 

Time for the egg hunt!!

Go go go!!

Andrew getting the hang of hist first egg hunt.

Multi-tasker! Pick up one while looking for another :)

Grabbing the last few.

Stuffing 'em in the dino-basket.

My sweet little hunter :)

Happy Easter, everyone!!!!

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  1. Awww!!! We were VERY glad to have you as friends and had a blast today! Thanks for letting us crash your house! :)


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