Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This past weekend we watched The Incredibles together. We've watched it before, but Andrew didn't really get into it. He was more of a Toy Story fan. But, ever since he watched part of it while his friends, Zach and Grace, were over last week, he has like it more. He got really into it! He sat with his Daddy for most of the movie. But, the more intense parts (fighting that bad guy's invention...I don't remember what they called it...), this was the face he gave:

No, he is not scared. LOL. He is very concerned for Mr. Incredible. Jason and I were cracking up. I had tears and he could barely breath. It was so funny! Andrew made this face during all the "fight" scenes. He'd point at the TV and say, "OH!" and made the face. The "Watch Out" face LOL!!!!


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! That is absolutely adorable - it makes me giggle and I wasn't even there!!

  2. lol! this little man gets into his TV... Reminds me of his Daddy watching a Packers game!

  3. his face is amazingly adorable!


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