Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, today I decided that I seriously need to work on the beginnings on Alex's scrapbook for his first year (just like I did for Andrew). Andrew's, of course, is a standard scrapbook with embellishments and whatnot. Alex's is not. He gets the easier version. Only because...well, I don't exactly have that much time to arrange photos and decide on what stickers or whatever to use and all that jazz. So, digital scrapbooking is by new best friend. I'm doing it through Shutterfly and in a matter of an hour I already have 4 pages done! HA!

But, I had a mini panic attack just now... Let me start from the beginning a bit :)

I am following Andrew's book to do Alex's. So, I have the first page with one U/S pic. Page 2 is all about his big brother, Andrew. Page 3 is the story of how we found out with 3 U/S pics. And, page 4 is me and my tummy - minus a picture. I want to add the newest one possible to that page. So, today or tomorrow, I will have that done.

That's all super, right? Well, then Andrew's next pages are the baby shower. I am doing something a bit different with Alex. I am going to have a "Sip n See" LOL! I am super uncomfortable (he has GOT to be bigger than Andrew or I am a LOT smaller...probably the first one...). And, dang it, I want some wine or something... So, we are ALL going to have sip of something while everyone see the baby. A win-win situation! YAY!

Ok, this is when I freak out a bit...

After the shower pics in Andrew's book...

I'm in hospital gown getting ready to have me a baby.

O M G.

10 days, people. 10 days until I am having ANOTHER baby. Yes, I know. I have been prego for a while now...but I'm still allowed to say, "WHHHAAAAA????"

At least everything is done. I have to get the carseat in the car and ready to go. Have my stuff in the trunk. And, setup the pack n play bassinet. But, everything else...done. It may look like I'm ready...I may even scream "GET THIS BABY OUTTA ME!!!!" every hour as I have been doing for the past month... But, you know how it is, mommies...

Time's almost up in the House of Woyaks. We are going to be a 4 person family very soon. Eek!

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  1. breathe, breathe, breathe! you will do JUST fine!!!!! just think about this little miracle that you are about to meet! <3


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