Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Week at Home :)

Hello, all! Just catching up on some photos for everyone to see. We are all doing fantastic! My mom came town to watch Andrew while Alex was born and she stayed through the next week. It was wonderful to have her help, but it was sad to see her go :( My dad and 4 of my brothers came the weekend that we were able to head home. It was great to see everyone with us!

Andrew is loving being a big brother, too! He helps get the binky back in Alex's mouth if it falls out. He runs to him when he is fussing. He "helps" during diaper changes. And, he sits (sometimes) with me during feedings. He is such a great big brother!!

Anyhoo! Here are some pictures from last week!

First car ride - Heading home from the hospital as snug as a bug!

My mom, Grandma, with Alex. He's super strong for a 5 day old, huh?

My youngest brother with Alex - sooooo cute!!!

The third brother in line loving the moment! Those were the only two brave enough to hold him. Guess they don't remember what Andrew was like at that age!

My dad, Grand-Daddy, relaxing after being dragged around the house by Andrew.

And while he was relaxing, this is what Andrew was doing - showing him all the toys!

Max loving his "Alex blanket." We kept the blanket that Alex was wrapped up in at the hospital in a ziplock until we got home. This way Max could get used to the new baby :)

A tiny Packers fan in the making :) Already dreaming of touchdowns!

Date night to celebrate 1 week! My mom watched Alex and Andrew for us while we headed out to Surin West the following Wednesday (Alex's 1 week birthday). Andrew was already in bed and we had a very yummy late dinner. I had SUSHI GALORE!! SO MUCH SUSHI!!! And and very fancy martini!! WHOO HOO for not being prego anymore!! 

Well, stay tuned for more pics!! I'm slowing working on getting our routine going again around here with the help of Jason's mom this week. Wish us luck!!


  1. So many happy memories of the days past... love you all! You are doing a great job, we are sooo proud of our 'little girl', the mommy of two sweet boys! xoxoxo!

  2. Looking good, Mama!!! Can't wait to hold that little baby again soon!


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