Monday, August 29, 2011

Growing with God

Andy had his 1st day of Sunday School yesterday! And he gave us the sweetest coloring page and letter!

The letter reads:

Dear Mommy & Daddy, 

I cant wait to go to Sunday School!! I have so much fun singing, playing, and learning about God with my teachers and friends.

Did you know that God made me? And, I am special!!  God made angels, apples, monkeys, and a man named Zacchaeus, too. God even made mommies and daddies. No wonder you are so special! God made everything from A to Z!

Please take me to Sunday School so I can learn about more things God made. Is it Sunday yet?

I love you!

Your special,


How cute is that!? He loved it! He enjoyed playing and coloring. His teacher even told me that he was a big helper! Love it! We are so proud of him!


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