Monday, August 15, 2011

Cool and Breezy Morning

LOVED this morning!! It was fantastic!! It was 65 when we woke up this morning!

65 degrees!!

Of course we went outside to enjoy that while it lasted! Andy was super excited to be out there and Alex enjoyed it so much that he took a nap. LOL! I actually had an enite cup of coffee WITHOUT NUKING IT! Whoa...that is amazing! Normally, my personal best with microwaved coffee is 400. Ok, maybe 5 times once. Still, that was awesome! I even checked my email on my phone, listened to birds singing instead of a cartoon character, and took pictures
all while sitting in my fakerondak sippin' my coffee!!! 

Hello! Cannot WAIT til tomorrow morning!
Loving the outdoors
Ha! Alex looks like he is reaching for the club :)

He was getting ready to go do something, but then a plane flew by and it was lower than what he usually sees. He was completely fascinated!

 Hmm...he took his golf bag over to the dirt. Why?

Simple. It is not a golf bag. It is a bucket with wheels. 

He said to me, "Mama. See. Ocks. Dirt." (Yes, rocks has no "r" for the moment) What a cutie!!
I just love that hand :D

 Fast asleep. 

What a lovely morning!!

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