Monday, August 15, 2011

This is How I'm Going to Die

I swear this office/playroom is going to be the death of me. I love my house. Granted, I would love it if I could pick it up and move it to a better school system. But, we have 4 years, so whatever. I can deal. That is problem though. I have 4 years. I have to fix this office before I lose it.

You have seen this place before...but recently, it got worse. Much worse. Oh, the horror.

I can explain! No...I can't.

Ok, see, what happened was this... We got a king mattress and the queen had to go into waiting until we both agreed on a mattress. After about a month, we decided the king was the winner. But the queen had stayed in the office against the window. And, you know...once a pile's just continues. Well, now the queen has been donated and I'm back to the reality of dealing with this horrible mess. YAY.

Now this room is small. The smallest our house besides the laundry room...but I don't think that counts. Anyway, we want to turn this into an office/playroom with enough room that a much nicer airbed (the really nice ones that don't seem like airbeds so much) can be place without blocking the doors or computer area. So, I started the very long, headache filled clean-up.

I finally fixed the hall closet to be the actual linen closet for guests with towels, blankets, etc since we got our entryway taken care of with a fabulous coat rack. :) Then, I cleared out most of what I could in the office/playroom space. I'm looking at the mess that I still have to conquer and it looks like I didn't do anything... I HATE THIS ROOM!


Ok, so here's what we are going to work on in this room:

  1. Jason, being Mr. Engineer Man, is going to bring in laptop home and get the layout scaled to size and do some fancy stuff like that. He wants to make sure my idea(s) work before getting into this. 
  2. Get everything out of this room that isn't a)computer/craft/hobby related and b)playroom related
  3. Get supplies for new DIY 2-person desk (more on this later - we have a few plans, but will narrow it down when #1 is completed)
  4. Bon fire in backyard Sell monster desk
  5. Sell my desk/chair
  6. Get my chair to match Jason's
  7. Either sell or fix up shelf to hold kid's books/some toys
  8. Get table/chair set for boys
  9. Get area rug
  10. DIY wall art (fun ideas on this one!!)
  11. New and improved airbed for guests.
  12. Accessories and such to finish the look. 
I hope that is everything. I'm glad I just now made the list out. LOL Now, it doesn't seem as scary. The plan is to not spend a lot on this room since we do not plan to be in this house longer than 4 years. But, we do want it to be a kid-friendly area, but still be a place for guests, too. We will see. It will take the rest of the year. We plan to do this all in baby steps. Besides, I want to hit up a few thrift stores for the 2-person desk ideas that we are playing around with. Wish us luck! :)

Until then, we will dream of this playroom:

Crazy About My Baybah

I'm joining Pin It Tuesday over at Crazy About My Baybah!


  1. I want a class room like that! wow!

  2. Holy cow! That is one amazing playroom!

    I would love to redo our playroom too.

  3. I know, right?! That is the coolest playroom ever!! One day...

  4. Following from Pin It Tuesday on GFC and Pinterest. You can follow back at The awesome thing about Pinterest is that you can get so many cool ideas of ways to organize and arrange your "stuff" that you wouldn't have normally have thought of. It can't really be an addiction if it helpful right? That is what I will keep telling Love the organization of that room but I give my 2 year old grandson exactly 10 minutes to pull out everything!


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