Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Week at the House

This week is going to be a busy week!

Early Mass & Growing with God Orientation for Andy! He will start Sunday School this year! YAY! We are super excited for him and cannot wait to help him grow in his Catholic faith. Don't worry, it's starts off simple since he is only 2 (almost!) - things such as God made the trees, the birds, etc...

Consignment Sale Drop Off Extravaganza - I finally have enough stuff to participate in a consignment sale this year. Alex is growing so fast (he wears 9 month old clothes...he is 4 months old people) and a lot of Andy's things are not going to work out for Alex after all.

Andy starts preschool!! I will have a special pancake breakfast for him (he loves them - he calls them "cakes!" ha!) and...YES! I will be taking a LOT of pictures!!

Library books due and time to get some more.
Grocery shopping - this is going to be moving to Tuesdays by the next week.

Consignment Sale Shopping Extravaganza since I will only have 1 child with me and my BFF is working the sale :) YAY!

Freezer Cooking Friday

 Family Day!

{This week's quote} 
"A house is not a home until you can write, "I love you" in the dust on the furniture."

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