Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There is a Preschooler in the House!

Last night, after getting ready for bed, Andrew and I read "The Night Before Preschool" (thankfully found by Rachel!). He really loves that book. We have been reading it every night for about 2 weeks now. Except this time he knew that he was going to be going to school for real in the morning!


After story time & goodnight kisses from everyone, I got all of his stuff ready for his big day:

 His school bag with his folder and snack :) Isn't that the cutest snack bag? I got it from Pineapple Spice on Etsy - another addiction of mine! She has a ton of great reusable bags if you are searching for one.

I put together the pancake mix, so it would be ready in the morning. Like the flag? Hehe!

Pancakes! He calls them "cakes" On the weekends, he always asks, "Mama, cakes?" 

 Then, I headed into his room to get him up for school. LOL He's sleeping away and Alex, on the other side of the room, is "talking." I'm amazed at what kids will sleep through. 

Not quite awake but happy about his "cakes."

All dressed and ready for preschool!!

In the car rider line! Almost there!
Aw! So, I really wanted to get pics for the drop off/pick up, but couldn't so, oh well. But, he was soo cute!! One of the teachers got him out of the car to go into the school. He was not 100% sure about that, but then he realized that just what we do and he was fine. Honestly, I did not think I was going to cry. And, I didn't, but I got teary-eyed! And, I was fine until he waved "good-bye" Ugh, getting teary-eye just typing that! LOL!

When it was time to pick him up, he was even cuter! The director was holding him and he was looking all around at the kids getting into their cars. We all have name signs in our cars and they call the kids via radio. I had my windows up and I heard him say "MA-MA!" as we got to the curb! He was so happy! And this time, his teacher brought him to the car and told me that he was sooo good! YAY! He was excited to see that I had his Tusker, too :)

Made sure I packed him before heading out!

  We ended the first part of our preschool extravaganza day with lunch at Chick-Fil-A! He was so happy that his Daddy had lunch with him, too. :) 

It was a great morning! I asked him a million questions which only received answers of "mmhmm" and random squeals of excitement. LOL He said he had fun! I'm so happy for my big little man :) 

We love you, Andrew!!

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