Monday, August 15, 2011

A Work in Progress

The boys' room is still getting it's personality here and there each month it seems. It will get finished by the end of the year LOL! I still am working on fixing the horrendous man cave... I finally got a semi-ok from the hubby. For whatever reason he is in love with the monster desk... Ew. It has got to go.

Anyhoo! Here are some before pics of the boys' room:

Our list so far:
  1. Get bedding
  2. Set up big boy bed for Andy
  3. Get play rug
  4. Art work for over changing area
  5. Plane decals/wall art
  6. Growth chart
  7. World map or map of USA 
  8. Globes or planes hanging above beds
  9. Clock area for times around the world - have 1, want 3 more
  10. Chalkboard or bulletin board for their little memories
See just 4 more things to take care of and my little men will have a completed room. :)

For now, here are the new additions to the room thanks to Paper Coterie (growth chart) and my brother, William, and my mom (sign):

I will be marking Alex's height tomorrow after his doc appt. I'll get some pics of the marks to share then :) But, Andy is 33 inches tall!!

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