Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tennessee - Day 1

Last week, we went on a vacation to Tennessee and had a great time! Jason's family had grabbed a few condos and they were really great. We had our own place - which with 2 little one in need of naps and a decent bedtime - it was fantastic. I took a few pics while in the car, of course. It wasn't too bad of a drive, but nap time was definitely taken out for the day - we arrived sometime mid-afternoon, I think.

 Leaving town!

 Stopping for lunch somewhere north of Chattanooga :) 

 Checkin' out the place

It took me about 5 time to get a 1/2 decent picture of these two monkeys by the fireplace. LOL This was the best one. And, it's only in B&W b/c some people wouldn't stop moving around. Too funny! :)

After getting settled in, Ma, Terrie, and I did some catching up while the big boys and the little boys played some basketball. Thanks, Dave, for grabbing the next 2 sets of pictures!

Getting ready to walk down to the rec center :)


So that was our first day in Tennessee. Pretty much just getting settled in and checking out the resort.

Stay tuned day 2 is coming up! :)

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