Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tennessee - Day 2

Note: If you missed the pictures from our first day, click here :)

Our second day started out great! I kept to my mornings as much as I could (no, I slept in aka didn't get up at 530am lol), so I went on a walk with the little guys, Pat, Terrie (Jason's aunt and uncle), Jason, and Dave. It was a shorter walk, but that mountain air is a bit different! Wow. I was out of breath after 30 minutes! So sad. LOL After getting that out of the way, Dave showed us the playground and the boys (including the hubby!) went WILD!

Love this pic! It is rare to grab a picture of Dave with the kids - he's always taking the pictures! Alex loved wandering all over the playground area with him.

Andrew loved the picnic/grilling area! He loved that he could find a million acorns and HUGE carpenter ants everywhere he stepped. Such a cutie!

Andrew loved that he could even see a squirrel whenever he wanted to. Our neighborhood is still new so we don't really have many squirrels are a rare sight! 

 Burger parade! here comes Pat with the burgers with Jason and Andrew as his assistants! :)

Time to eat some yummy burgers!!

Tennessee Vacation to be continued - stay tuned!

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