Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tennessee - Day 3

Note: Click here to see day 1 and day 2 :)

Ready for this? I went golfing! Ok, that may not sound exciting, unless you know me. Basically, I learned how to play when I was in middle school and that's all she wrote. Then I met Jason and, well, he's pretty much amazing. He played for his college team. Yes, he could very well make it pro, if he wanted to. I really was falling in love with this guy and I begged my dad for a set of golf clubs...this being YEARS after taking lessons. Well, I got the clubs and went ONE TIME with him while dating. Almost 5 years later, I've been twice (including this time) since being married. LOL. So, yes, this is exciting for me. It was a lot of fun and I am really hoping to go again with him :)

 Great day for golfing - good weather (though we were all wondering if it was going to rain - Mark and Justin came along, too)

 My hubby :) 

 Pretty views

 Another beautiful view :)


Yes, I really did play. LOL It does look like I just took pictures of the views. But, they were pretty amazing. There was this one hole that was pretty short, but there was a water hazard before the green. BOO. I do not like those or those stinky sand traps. No thank you. Anyway, I did NOT want to lose my ball. So, I SMASHED it all the way PAST the green. HA! I only lost my ball to water 1 time on another hole and to the sand on a different one. However, my hubby is the sweetest and I didn't have to follow the rules exactly. Which is probably a good thing...otherwise we would still be there. And, he is so cute, too! On the holes where I did terrible and took like 10 shots...ugh...instead of writing the number down he gave me a HEART! LOVE HIM!! 

Oooh! Look at my fancy-schmacy golf glove, too!! Thanks, Sarah.

After we headed back and let the boys take a nap, we hung out some more. The big kids grown-ups played some cribbage while dinner was being made. And, Andrew and Alex chilled out with Justin trying to get at his laptop. LOL

Another fun day in the mountains! Get ready to see what Jason, the boys and I did on the 5th day! No, I didn't skip a day - day 4 the buys played a real game of golf ;) I do have some pics to share from day 4. Stay tuned!

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