Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday's Fun

Those little boys of mine had quite the busy day filled with running around and playing freely :) Friday morning we headed over to our church for my monthly guild meeting (I am a member of Madonna and Child). Our guild name says it all - Madonna and Child = for mothers. I love this group of women! We pray the Rosary together before our meeting, then grab a bite to eat from all the goodies that we each brought to share. This was our last meeting of the month, so we discussed different things we could do to improve areas of our group (add additional prayer intentions, events, speakers, etc) and talked about plans this summer. There is a lot in our city that I definitely did not know about. Anyway, whileus mamas were allowed grown-up conversation for a few hours, our children were all playing together at the church nursery. Andrew loves this! He is always asking about his church friends - I see a few summer play dates in the near future ;)

Normally, after so much playtime during these meetings, the boys are tired and want lunch. Oh no. Not this time. Andrew asked to eat lunch at the park. I asked Alex if he wanted to play more. he nodded his little head and giggled with Andrew. So, off we went to grab lunch and head to the park (which is right next to our church).

 Here in my car, we are safest of all LOL

 Where did this big kid come from??? Alex is just following his brother up the steps and through tunnels like no big deal .

 Driver man (and ps - Mom, doesn't he look like Sean a bit here??)

 Not sure what caught his eye, but still so cute :)

 Andrew on the BIG kid play set. Me taking pics while freaking out....

 Watching the big kids play

 Getting tired = must swing before leaving 

 This may be Alex's fav thing to do

And Mr. Big Boy Andrew kept telling me, "HIGHER MOMMY!" Oh, my...when did he grow up?

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